9 Villains From TV Shows Who Created Their Own Worst Enemies

Most fiction, television included, has heroes and villains. Antagonists help to drive a story and give the protagonists someone to fight against. Many villains go one step further by becoming an arch-enemy to a hero. There’s often a burning hatred between them that is as intense and as deep as any other relationship in the show.

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However, it’s not uncommon for the villain to be the reason their foe is even a hero in the first place. Whether they make the hero powerful and skilled or simply motivate the hero to fight when they had no reason to before, many antagonists sign their own fates with their villainous deeds.

9 He Who Remains And The TVA Made Sylvie Capable (Loki)

Despite the show being named after him, Loki Laufeyson was only one of the main protagonists of Loki. In the latter half of the season, he began to work alongside a female variant of himself, Sylvie Lafueydottir. Although Loki and Sylvie shared a goal of opposing the TVA and its leader, Sylvie had a far deeper connection to them as she had been chased by them since she was a young girl.

Sylvie hated He Who Remains far more than Loki did, and wanted to kill him upon meeting. Having been on the run from him and the TVA since she was young gave her the resourcefulness, power, and skill to make her way to his citadel and to overpower Loki in their fight. However, this was one of He Who Remains’ goals. Ultimately, he wanted to give Sylvie and Loki the chance to replace or kill him.

8 God Created Everything, Including The Winchesters (Supernatural)

In keeping with the series’ endless escalation, God became the final antagonist in supernatural. God came to hate humanity, especially the protagonists, for defying him. He wanted to reset the universe in a form more favorable to him. Ultimately, he was stopped at the last second, primarily by the actions of Sam and Dean, two characters he both respected and loathed.

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In the most literal sense, God created the Winchesters because he was the creator of the universe and everything within. However, he also had a more direct hand in things, giving the Winchesters actual plot armor that let them return from the dead repeatedly. God even provided aid several times throughout their journey.

7 Slade Wilson Trained Oliver Queen (Arrow)

One of the most intense rivalries in arrow was between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson. The two had a complex history that went back years, one that saw them as fierce friends for a long time and bitter enemies for a time after. Corrupted by Mirukuru and lost to vengeance, Slade wanted nothing more than to hurt Oliver.

However, the only reason Queen could fight Wilson is because of Wilson’s training. When Oliver was stranded on Lian Yu, Slade was one of his few allies. He turned Oliver from a helpless playboy into a lethal warrior and Star City’s protector.

6 Michael Made Eleanor A Thorn In His Side And His Best Friend (The Good Place)

The earliest antagonist in The Good Place was Michael, the architect who created the afterlife neighborhood. His duty was to torment the characters for all eternity. Throughout the first season and the first part of the second season, Michael was the bane of Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani’s lives, but none vexed him as much as Eleanor.

Eleanor would consistently work out the true nature of their imprisonment, which ruined Michael’s plans. However, she was only able to do this because Michael tried to put the humans together to torture each other, which resulted in Eleanor becoming a more moral person who could actually form relations with the others. However, this later worked in his favor when he found himself on Eleanor’s side, and she became his closest friend.

5 The Time Lords Made The Master Who He Was (Doctor Who)

Sometimes, a villain’s worst enemy isn’t the hero. This was the case in Doctor Who for the villainous Time Lords. Although the Time Lords and the Doctor proved to be each other’s enemies more than once, their worst nemesis was the Master, another rogue Time Lord.

The Master was instrumental in returning them to the Time War and wiping out the entire race after they returned to the universe. A large part of his hatred for them – as well as his uniquely vicious nature – was a drumbeat pattern the Time Lords put in his head as a child. This harmed the Master’s mental health and made him desperate to end it.

4 Aerys Targaryen Brought About His Dynasty’s End (Game Of Thrones)

The biggest event in Game of Thrones‘ backstory was Robert’s Rebellion, a civil war that saw the centuries-old Targaryen dynasty overthrown and King Robert Baratheon ascending in their place. Although he was an unpopular king throughout his reign, Aerys Targaryen had one particular moment where he ensured the rebellion would rise.

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After executing Ned Stark’s father and brother for attempting to retaliate against the crown, Aerys ordered Jon Arryn to kill both Ned Stark and his friend, Robert Baratheon. This pushed the three of them too far and resulted in them officially rebelling against the Iron Throne, and began the war that saw Robert victorious and Aerys dead.

3 Agatha Harkness Gave Wanda A Motive And The Means (WandaVision)

Although Wanda Maximoff was ultimately responsible for the strange events and bizarre premise of WandaVision, she wasn’t the only character with a scheme in the series. Agatha Harkness became a notable antagonist, infiltrating the Hex and planning to steal Wanda’s powers to use them herself.

Had Agatha not gotten involved, she would have been fine. However, threatening Wanda and her children led to a fight between the two of them. From this fight, Wanda became far more powerful by embracing her potential as the Scarlet Witch, and Agatha was left brainwashed and stripped of her magic.

2 Black Jack Randall Made Jamie Fraser A Revolutionary (Outlander)

much of Outlander, despite its historical epic nature, dealt with the very personal hatred between two of its significant characters: Jamie Fraser and “Black Jack” Randall. Fraser was a Jacobite revolutionary while Randall was an English soldier who tried to keep Scotland pacified. However, Randall’s cruelty is what made Jamie a revolutionary in the first place.

Randall spent much of Jamie’s life tormenting him and his family. Randall abused his power and the law in number of horrific crimes. As such, Randall made Jamie resent the English occupation, which then led him to rebellion. Eventually, he killed Randall on the battlefield.

1 Reverse-Flash Made Barry Allen A Hero In Several Ways (The Flash)

One of Barry Allen’s sausage foes in The Flash was Eobard Thawne, the villain known as the Reverse-Flash. An attempt to kill Barry as a child saw Thawne kill Barry’s mother, forever changing the course of Barry’s life and setting him on the path that would turn him into the Flash.

Furthermore, much of Thawne’s plot involved increasing Barry’s power, making him a faster speedster so that he could open a time portal and let Thawne return home. As a result, not only did Reverse-Flash cause Barry to become a hero in the first place, but he also made Barry fast enough to defeat him.

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