10 Anime Characters Who Never Got Their Revenge

Revenge is one of the most frequent storylines throughout anime. Whether it’s a character plotting to get their vengeance against a longtime rival or a villain seeking retribution against society as a whole, it’s always intriguing to watch a character plan their revenge in a series. Viewers enjoy hearing their motives, backstories, and watching the exciting fights that will surely ensue.

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However, not all anime characters get their revenge in the end. Some of them fail in the process or die trying, while others take the high road and realize that it might just be a waste of time.

10 Tenya Iida Nearly Died Trying To Avenge His Brother (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academias Tenya Iida is a diligent hero-in-training. Despite his best efforts to seem professional and composed, it’s evident that his emotions tend to get the better of him. After his brother was gravely injured by Stain and forced to retire, Iida was furious and wanted revenge.

He developed a plan to avenge his brother and take Stain down. Unfortunately, this decision nearly killed him. If Midoriya and Todoroki didn’t swoop in at the last minute to fend off the Hero Killer, Iida would have died. He realized this was an irresponsible, impulsive decision and decided not to get his hand injuries fixed as a constant reminder of his immaturity.

9 Obito’s Revenge Plot Was Foiled By The Power Of Friendship (Naruto)

Obito’s life was changed after he witnessed Kakashi impaling Rin’s heart with a Chidori. Before that, he was a friendly kid who loved helping others. However, the incident made Obito view the world through a darker lens. He swore that he’d avenge Rin and change the world.

Obito wanted to capture all of the tailed beasts. He was successful for years, even becoming the Ten-Tails jinchuriki. However, Naruto managed to stop him in his tracks by talking him down. The power of friendship always seems to come in clutch throughout Narutowhich was certainly the case with Obito.

8 Erza Forgave Jellal, But Didn’t Want To Save Him (Fairy Tail)

Erza had every reason to despise Jellal in Fairy Tail. Even if a Dark Mage was controlling him, many of his actions towards her were just unforgivable. However, Erza didn’t try to pick up all of his pieces or declare that she’d be the one to fix him. Instead, she let him continue down the path he was on.

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Erza opted to forgive Jellal, but didn’t want to guide him down the path of redemption. She realized that if Jellal truly wanted to start down a better path, it would be his responsibility alone.

7 Zuko Forgave Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Zuko and Azula had one of the most interesting rivalries throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender. During their final Agni Kai, Zuko won, but Azula didn’t want to recognize that she had lost. After all, she was a prodigy and Zuko wasn’t. She’s the one who always earned their father’s praise, while Zuko struggled to live up to the bar she set.

Zuko was left with a tough decision, but he opted to forgive her because anything else would be cruel and inhumane. Despite Azula’s turn to the dark side, Zuko could never see himself harming or killing her. He never wanted to seize her bending abilities, either.

6 Shoto Realized That Living Solely To Get Revenge On His Father Isn’t Healthy (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academias Shoto Todoroki underwent significant character growth throughout the series. He had one of the strongest Quirks in the series, but he was holding himself back initially. Todoroki limited himself to only using half of his power to get back at Endeavor for abusing him and his mother.

However, he realized that he was only hindering himself and his potential as a hero by doing so. After failing the pro-hero license exam, Shoto realized that living for the sake of getting revenge on his father isn’t healthy. So, he learned to respect Endeavor as a pro-hero, but he made Enji earn his respect as a father figure.

5 Kyo Changed His Mind About Yuki (Fruit Basket)

Kyo and Yuki’s rivalry was one of the most pivotal aspects of Fruit Basket. Since the Sohma family curse binds them, they were essentially doomed to hate each other based on the age-old premise that the cat tries to exact revenge on the mouse who tricked him.

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Kyo admitted that hating Yuki became a coping mechanism for him. He needed a so-called “bad guy” to direct all of his anger towards and allow that to keep him moving. By the end of the series, he changed his mind about Yuki. Though there’s still no love lost between them, he feels more indifferent towards him than anything else.

4 Jonathan Joestar’s Body Was Stolen By Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure started with the rivalry between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando. Dio sought to make Jonathan’s life a living hell. He wanted to take away anything that brought Jonathan any joy. He even killed Danny, his beloved dog.

After Dio acquired the Stone Mask’s power, he was nearly invincible until Jonathan mastered Hamon Breathing. He thought he defeated the evil vampire at first, but Dio surprised him near the end of part 1. In the end, Jonathan was defeated by Dio, who hijacked his body to cause more chaos for the Joestars in part 3.

3 Sasuke Realized The Errors Of His Ways (Naruto)

Sasuke Uchiha is one of Narutos most complicated and well-written characters. In part one, he was the brooding deuteragonist who was gunning for revenge. He thought he achieved it after killing Itachi, but Obito told him the truth. Then, Sasuke had it out for the entire Hidden Leaf village.

He turned against Team 7 and betrayed his village. Ultimately, his longtime rival and complicated frenemy, Naruto Uzumaki, beat some sense into him. In the end, Sasuke realized the errors of his ways and wanted to atone.

2 Askeladd Was Killed Before Thorfinn Could Get His Vengeance (Vinland Saga)

Vinland Sagas Thorfinn has undergone some serious character growth throughout the series. He started as the average, innocent kid who was blissfully unaware of war. Then, he snuck onto his dad’s ship without realizing that everybody was in danger.

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Askeladd and his men launched an attack against Thorfinn’s dad and took him hostage. His dad died, and Thorfinn had to live with the guilt. He wanted to get retribution on Askeladd and trained endlessly to defeat him. Unfortunately, Sweyn’s troops killed Askeladd before Thorfinn could have his way with him.

1 Bishamon Realized That She Was Blaming Yato For Her Own Mistakes (Noragami)

Noragamis Bishamon is the goddess of war and warriors. She swore to get revenge on Yato, the god of calamity, for everything he’s done over the years. She did everything possible to slander him as a god of total chaos and destruction while hindering any chances of Yato redeeming himself.

By the end of her character arc, Bishamon gave up on this pursuit and realized she was the true enemy. She was guilty of everything that she blamed Yato for all along. She forgave Yato. However, Bishamon must work on forgiving herself now.

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