Willie Nelson delivered a ‘fabulous’ concert at the Ohio State Fair

Willie Nelson performing at the Ohio State Fair Saturday night.

Willie Nelson’s autobiography, “It’s A Long Story” written with David Ritz, was published in 2016. It was then — and still is — a long story.

Nelson, with help from his family performed at the Celeste Center of the Ohio State Fair Saturday night just three months and change after his 89th birthday. Last night he said his recent recording, “A Beautiful Time” was his 89th album.

A long story, indeed. One peppered with so many hits as a recording artist and especially as a songwriter, that even loyal, longtime fans might be left saying, “Oh, I forgot about that one,” when reviewing his accomplishments — which, by the way, include appearing in 30 movies.

He did as thorough and memorable an overview of that history as could have been hoped for last night during a fabulous set with a stripped-down band that included himself and son Micah (known professionally as Particle Kid) on acoustic guitars, Mickey Raphael on harmonica , Billy English on one standup snare drum, and double bass player Kevin Smith.

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