Will People Vote For A Will Smith Movie At The Oscars After The Slap? Voting Members Weigh In

It was the slap that shook America, and likely what the 2022 Academy Awards will likely be remembered for. while Will Smith will be remembered in infamy for slapping Chirs Rock, he also joined the list of 2022 Oscar winners for his performance in Child Richard. Now, his next movie, Emancipationwhich just released its first trailercould be in awards contention for next year, and Academy voters have some thoughts.

In an extensive report done by THR, many voters from all over the film industry were asked if they would consider voting for Smith come Oscar season. The responses range from cautiously willing to aggressively against the idea. From the actor’s branch, one voter said:

I think more time should go by before Will Smith is considered for any award. I’m surprised Emancipation is being released, but I assume it’s for financial reasons, as well as hoping for award nominations. However wonderful he may be in the film, it will be hard to watch it and not continually think of the slap. It will be really hard to judge the performance on merit, and by extension the whole film.

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