What To Expect From The Genshin Impact Anime

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular video games at the moment, with an extremely loyal fanbase and an incredibly successful two years so far. during the Genshin Impact 3.1 Special Program, the exciting announcement of an anime adaptation appeared on the screen. This collaboration will be between Mihoyo and Ufotablethe animation studio responsible for Demon Slayer and the fate series.

Genshin Impact already has an avid fanbase that creates tons of fan art every single day of the much-loved characters such as Diluc and Yae Miko. The notion of a Genshin Impact anime was always a dream for fans of the role-playing game (RPG), and now the dream has become reality. As of now, there’s no further information about what comes next or any sign of a release date, except for the fact that it’s a long term project between the two companies.

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4/4 Hints Of The Location

The trailer opens up with Paimon flying through the woods as she turns around and beams, before guiding the viewer forwards to take a look at what lies beyond the trees. The next shot is of a verdant mountain top adorned with flowers, followed by a scene of Anemo Crystalflies floating around some trees, a strong indicator that this destination is Mondstadt. This would make sense to be the first area seen in an anime adaptation since this is the first place players visit when they start the game.

Next up, there are some wide shots of even more grassy hills as well as a shot of the chilly snow-covered mountains of dragonspine. The Mondstadt Statue of the Seven then appears on the screen, a key piece of imagery for those who play Genshin Impactas the camera pans out to reveal the rocky cliffs of the first area that players are all very familiar with.

3/4 Aether and Lumine

Following up, the next scene is an exciting one. Aether and Lumine appear, the siblings that players must choose between when starting Genshin Impact. They smile at the viewer as they hold hands, symbolizing their bond, yet also seeming quite bittersweet for those who know the story behind the video game; it’s truly a rare sight to see Aether and Lumine together in this way. The camera then zooms out and pans across the area that surrounds them, further showing the ruins that can be found throughout Mondstadt, a telling sign of where the anime adaptation will most likely take place.

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It’s no surprise that the anime adaptation will be set in Mondstadt, at least at the start of the series. Whether or not there will be more than one season of the Genshin Impact anime, fans will have to be patient when waiting to hear more. if Ufotable decides to rush through the Genshin Impact storyline, viewers could be introduced to the next area of ​​Liyue at least. It’s not likely that fans will get to see Inazuma animated yet, and definitely not the newest area of ​​Sumeru.

2/4 The Storyline

The next question is what story will the anime adaptation of Genshin Impact follow? The first guess is that it will be an adaptation of the actual storyline from the video game, but with no extra information given yet, could the anime follow a completely different story? if Ufotable goes with the former, it’s likely that fans will be introduced to the key characters within Mondstadt such as fan-favorite Diluc and Kaeya.

With Amber being one of the first characters that appear in Genshin Impact, there’s a high chance that she will also be quite a featured character, at least in the earlier episodes of the anime series. While it would be great to be introduced to characters from Liyue such as Zhongli and Xiao, fans may have to wait until the next season for an appearance from them. The trailer shows Aether and Lumine together, which could either be a hint of the storyline or just a visual advertisement of the anime as both characters are instantly recognizable.

For those who have played the game, Lumine and Aether are only seen together on opposing sides, so there could be a chance that the anime follows a completely different storyline that sees Aether and Lumine stay together throughout. Many anime adaptations of video games cover the same story, such as Persona 5 and the danganronpa series.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners follows an entirely different cast of characters that still tie in with the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, signified by Rebecca’s weapon being put into the game as well as David’s jacket. This probably won’t be the case for the Genshin Impact anime, as it would be highly successful if the anime features the beloved characters that players are used to. There’s a high chance it wouldn’t go down well if the anime adaptation had a completely different roster of characters.

For now, fans will need to wait for further information about the Genshin Impact anime, and with no release date, it could be a while until the actual series is released. This gives Mihoyo and Ufotable plenty of time to showcase sneak peeks and hints throughout the coming months.

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