What Other Marvel Movies and TV Shows Will There Be in MCU Phase 6?

Marvel Studios revealed its entire Phase 5 slate for the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Comic-Con 2022 – but Kevin Feige took things a step further by teasing fans with the beginnings of the MCU Phase 6, as well. At the time of writing this (before D23 2022) Marvel has revealed that Fantastic Four will be the first film in Phase 6, arriving in November of 2024. We also know that Phase 6 will end with two big event films: Avengers: The Kang Dynasty in summer 2025, and Avengers: Secret Wars in November or 2025.

Between the beginning and end of Phase 6 there are eight other projects on the slate – and they could come in any combination of movies and TV shows. Below we speculate on likely candidates for MCU Phase 6 – see our best guesses and then let us know yours!

What Marvel Movies and TV Shows are in MCU Phase 6?

Fantastic Four (November 8, 2024)


CONFIRMED: Marvel’s first family The Fantastic Four will debut in the MCU to kick off Phase 6. Spider-Man Home Trilogy director Jon Watts was set to direct but dropped out, and Marvel Studios is now reportedly looking for a big-name director for F4.

We know Fantastic Four won’t be an origin story, and based on Marvel Comics, the F4 film could connect directly with both Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. Not a bad way to make an entrance!

Young Avengers

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The MCU has been building up this team of next-generation Young Avengers since the beginning of Phase Four (Billy and Tommy Maximoff, Kate Bishop, Kid Loki, Ms. Marvel, Elijah Bradley…), and a lot of fans have been wondering when the team will officially take shape. There is a lot of evidence on the table that MCU Phase 5 will be a ‘Villains Rising’ arc that sees bad guys on both Earth and in the cosmos trying to fill the voids of power left by Thanos and/or The Avengers. If that’s the case, then Earth won’t have many of its “Mightiest Heroes” available anymore. A new generation of Avengers will have to step up – and Phase 6 may have one additional Avengers movie (or TV series?) surprise for us.


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It was reported that Marvel is working on a Nova project – but when it will arrive has not been confirmed. Given the cosmic shakeups we expect in Phase 5 projects like Secret Invasion and The Marvels, Nova would conceivably be about a new young hero from Earth stepping into the midst of cosmic strife.

Shang Chi 2

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was one of the biggest hits of MCU Phase 4, and a lot of fans want that sequel film. We know director Destin Daniel Cretton will be busy with Avengers: The Kang Dynastyy for the end of Phase 6; however we also know that Shang-Chi ended by making the Ten Rings potentially pivotal objects of power in the MCU. Getting more of how Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) and his Ten Rings fit into the Multiverse Saga may be key before the events of Secret Wars unfold. So Shang-Chi 2 in Phase 6 is a fair bet.

The Ten Rings

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There’s also been word of a Ten Rings series following Shang’s sister, Xialing (Meng’er Zhang) as she takes over the organization after her father, Wenwu. This is far from a guarantee, but if Shang-Chi’s story arc is going to be key to the Multiverse Saga, this Ten Rings series could help flesh it out.

Armor Wars

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The Iron Man franchise legacy will first get picked up by Riri Williams in Phase 5’s iron heart series – but Don Cheadle’s Rhodey (aka War Machine) will step up to honor Tony Stark’s legacy of peace in the Armor Wars series. The title is a reference to the famous Iron Man storyline wear Tony hunts down and destroys all the evil foes operating in armor based on StarkTech. If Phase 5 sees the MCU villains getting major upgrades, Rhodey taking on the mission to take wartime tech out of the wrong hands could be crucial.

Moon Knight Season 2

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The supernatural and mystical side of the MCU will get more established in Phase 5 through the Blade movie and Agatha: Coven of Chaos TV series – so Moon Knight Season 2 in Phase 6 would be timely. We already have suspicions that Oscar Isaac is getting back to work Moon Knighting, and there are all sorts of fun crossovers that could happen while Marc Spector and Steven Grant unravel the mystery of their third persona, Jake Lockley.

Eternals 2


No one was sure if Marvel would be continuing with this franchise after its very rocky start, but recently there was soft confirmation that a sequel is in the works. Phase 6 would be our best bet for when Eternals 2 would arrive.

X-Men Project


The question of whether or not the MCU will get an official X-Men team before or after The Multiverse Saga is unclear. We know that we’ll likely see more stunt cameos like Patrick Stewart’s Prof. X in Doctor Strange 2 – but whether Marvel Studios will commit to a full-fledged X-Men film before Phase 7 is wildly unclear.

However, since Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 will almost certainly be arriving in Phase 5, we have to keep the possibility open that an X-Men Universe film or series will be part of Phase 6. Possibilities include spinoffs like a new Wolverine MCU movie, or the rumored “The Mutants” film that would officially introduce the mutant race to the MCU.

Spider Man Sequel

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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has gotten a reset of sorts within the MCU, and is truly a street-level hero now. The next chapter of Spider-Man’s story seems well-suited for Phase 6, when villains like Kingpin and The Hood could be controlling the NYC streets, making Spider-Man’s neighborhood duties much more stressful.

Thor 5

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Thor: Love and Thunder established a new status quo for Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) as “Thunder,” working with his adopted daughter “Love.” A post-credits scene also set up a godly civil war between Olympus and Asgard. That story has to continue at some point – summer 2025 could be the time that Marvel sneaks in a Thor movie to upset the godly order before Secret Wars (and its possible army of Thor variants).

The Defenders

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Daredevil: Born Again could be a big turn in Phase 5, if Kingpin takes power and leaves Daredevil on the ropes. Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) could need substantial help holding the hero line in the streets – and the rest of Netflix’s Defenders roster are still there waiting in the wings for another team-up. This time, however, there are any number of additional MCU characters that could be added to this new version of The Defenders concept.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (May 2, 2025)

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This looks like another Avengers: Infinity War in the sense that it will likely make the archvillain of the Multiverse Saga (Jonathan Majors’ Kang) the focus of much of the movie. Kang’s story in the comics is often a sci-fi head-trip of time travel and variant timelines and selves, which have shaped events in the Marvel Multiverse (and the lives of its heroes) in sometimes shocking ways. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty may see the evil conqueror finally achieve his goal of either being master of all realities, or shaping his own reality (Battleworld) out of fragments of the shattered multiverse.

Avengers: Secret Wars (November 7, 2025)

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Marvel Secret Wars events take broken fragments of Marvel reality and mash them together into one amalgamated reality known as Battleworld. The MCU version in Avengers: Secret Wars will be different, but core concept is expected to be the same: the multiverse gets annihilated, and the only surviving fragments of reality (and its various characters) have to fight to survive and hopefully repair existence. The end of Secret Wars is expected to effectively reboot the MCU into a new reality that Marvel can populate (and recast) to its liking.

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