What Does Horror Legend John Carpenter Have in the Pipeline?

Michael Myers, baddie of Halloween

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Legendary horror director John Carpenterresponsible for some of the scariest franchises of all time, might be eyeing another return to the silver screen.

The director, responsible for classics like Halloween, The Thing and The Fogwill appear at Steel City Con in Pittsburgh this weekend. He recently shared some surprising news, according to the Post Gazette – he may be eyeing a return to directing. In true Carpenter fashion, however, when he was asked about whether he was working on anything he seemed intentionally vague.

“Though he couldn’t talk about what he’s currently working on, Carpenter said that he has a few projects ‘lined up and percolating’ that will involve him flexing his skills as a director, writer, and composer.”

Carpenter shared a few other juicy tidbits in his interview. For example, he said he’s enjoyed that The Thinginitially appraised as a commercial and critical failure, is now considered one of the best horror movies of all time.

Carpenter also said he “got my dream come true” in his career by sometimes getting to write scripts himself. All he ever wanted to do, he said, was make movies that audiences actually wanted to watch. Your passion, he explained, will sometimes find you.

“Horror was one of my first loves. But it also found me. We would get offered movies that are a lot like the movie you made money with.”

As for Carpenter material currently on the way, he produced, co-wrote and composed the music for the 2018 Halloween reboot. He did the same thing for the sequel Halloween Kills and also the upcoming Halloween Ends.

He found his love of composing reignited after the release of his debut album Lost Themes in 2015. Making music for the Halloween franchise, he said, gives him great pleasure.

“I love working with David Gordon Green, he’s a great director,” he said. “I love supporting him, and I love this new role. I love making music. What’s not to like?”

As for Halloween Ends, Carpenter said it was going to be “somewhat different” and he’s “very proud of it and the work we did on the soundtrack.” But will it be the end of the franchise for good?

“If the movie makes money, I don’t believe it’s the end,” he said. “There’s a way of when a movie makes money, it seems to resurrect the next one.”

Halloween Ends hits theaters on October 14. Carpenter will appear at Steel City Con from August 12 through 14 at the Monroeville Convention Center in Pennsylvania.

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