Warrior TV Series Moves to Paramount+ as Gina Rodriguez Joins Cast

One of the best sports dramas of the century, 2011’s warrioris getting a small-screen adaptation from Lionsgate Television and Paramount+. warrior director Gavin O’Connor created the 10-episode series and will also serve as the showrunner alongside newcomer Adair Cole. Unfortunately, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, who played the feuding brothers in the movie, won’t be returning to the warrior TV series.

However, the series won’t be a reboot and will be set in the same world as the movie but featuring four new fighters, each competing to win the fictional Sparta MMA tournament and make a better life for themselves. warrior is still in the early stages of development, but two of the four main characters have been cast.


Former UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier will play a debt-ridden single father who recently lost his wife to cancer, with Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) playing a girl from a fighting family. Talking to Deadline, O’Connor described her character as,

“Gina Rodriguez will play a girl named Jessica Flores. She’s married to a Muay Thai fighter, her father is a very well-known boxing referee, and she’s been training as a fighter and grew up in combat sports. I didn’t have the role for her written when she said, “I’m in. Acting and fighting are my two favorite things. I’m in.” Her journey is about self-worth, a girl who doesn’t think she is worthy of anything good happening. To get her hand raised in the ring represents her feeling worthy.”

After unsuccessfully trying to make Suicide Squad 2 for Warner Bros., Gavin O’Connor returned in 2020 with another sports drama, The Way Back, starring Ben Affleck as a basketball coach. O’Connor is also involved in The Accountant 2, but it seems he’s keen on making the warrior TV series first. O’Connor says that he had no interest in making a sequel to the movie or a series, but Adair Cole’s impressive pitch changed his mind.

“It’s really ambitious, part family drama, sports saga, definitely social commentary, in each character’s life fight. We’re dealing with mental health, grief, poverty, drugs and gambling. If we get it right, we’ll be celebrating each character’s journey to redemption against astronomical odds they have to overcome, inside the cage and outside it.

O’Connor and Cole are currently busy mapping out the plot of the series and will open a writers room soon. They are looking to cast the remaining two characters, who O’Connor previously described as a lesbian Muslim fighter from Paris and the other as an Irish prisoner. The show doesn’t have a release date yet, but with Paramount+ now on board, we can expect it will be a priority for the streamer.

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like the movie, warrior Series Will Focus on Life More Than the Fights

While fighting will be a big part of the warrior series, it will focus on life outside the cage equally, including the many personal battles the characters fight every day. The movie featured two estranged brothers, both trained by their alcoholic father, who eventually settle their differences in the MMA cage. The series will also tackle similar issues. Here’s what Gavin O’Connor says about the show’s themes.

“I didn’t want to make something on fighting in a cage. That wasn’t the movie I made, it’s about a life fight. We will have two women and two men, we’re going to follow them through 10 episodes and hook the audience into their journeys and they’re eventually going to face each other. audience into the stakes of each character’s life outside of the cage, what I call the life fight, then people are going to be invested in the stakes. That’s the heart and soul of the show.”

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