Warrior TV Series In Development At Paramount+

A TV show adaptation of Gavin O’Connor’s 2011 sports drama movie, Warrior, is in development at Paramount+, and it includes four new fighters.

a warrior TV series based on Gavin O’Connor’s 2011 movie is in the works at Paramount+. O’Connor’s sports drama follows two MMA fighters and estranged brothers, played by Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, who settle their familial hate in the ring. While the original warrior movie didn’t prove a major box office hit, it was popular among critics, with cast member Nick Nolte receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. At one point, O’Connor stated that a warrior sequel movie may happen, but those plans never materialized.


Now, as reported by Deadline this week, a warrior TV show is officially happening at Paramount+. Adair Cole has co-written the 10-episode limited series with O’Connor, who is set to return to direct and produce the adaptation. The new warrior show will not continue the story of the Conlons. Rather, it will focus on four new fighters — two men and two women — as they vie for the winning title at the next iteration of Sparta. Retired UFC Champion Daniel Cormier is playing one of the leads, a widower who will fight to pay off his late wife’s medical bills. Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez is reportedly portraying Jessica Flores, whose fighting journey is about discovering her worth. The search for the other two leads is still ongoing.

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Considering the emphasis on the individual stories of the fighters in the new TV show, it seems that the heart and soul of O’Connor’s original warrior movie are intact. warrior wasn’t just a competitive sports film, but was also an intimate drama about the life struggles of its heroes, which gave the movie its emotional center. Similarly, the new TV show also seems to be focusing on the complex challenges and relationships experienced by the central characters, and as viewers are familiarized with their circumstances, they can empathize with the fighters’ situations and root for them as they reach the ring. Now, audiences should be on the lookout for more casting updates for the warrior TV show, as the project will likely round out its lead ensemble in the coming weeks.

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Source: Deadline

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