Virgin River Season 5: 8 Quick Things We Know About The Series

Viewers with a Netflix subscription who enjoy watching romantic dramas were delighted recently when a new season of Virgin River debuted as part of the 2022 TV schedule on July 20. Now, if you’re anything like me, you quickly binged all of the episodes through that surprising Virgin River Season 4 ending, and are already eagerly awaiting news on what we can expect from the next set of episodes. Well, you’re in luck, because we do currently know a bit about what’s to come when Virgin River Season 5 hits the streaming giant.

Get ready to watch the sun set on a mountaintop, because we’ve got details on the production of Virgin River Season 5, who’ll be returning to the show, some plot details already, and much more info, below!

preacher smiling on virgin river season 4

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Virgin River Season 5 Started Production In July 2022

Virgin River has been very good about brightening our lives once per year since it first hit Netflix in late 2019, and it seems that we’ll be able to count on Season 5 being delivered right on time. On July 18, 2022, right as fans were ever closer to the premiere of Season 4Netflixs Tudum (opens in new tab) site announced that production had already started on Virgin River Season 5. This means that, barring any unscheduled filming delays, we should be able to watch the upcoming season sometime next summer! And, the news gets better from there…

connie, hope, and jo ellen in jack's bar on virgin river season 4

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The Main Cast Is Returning

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