TV tonight: sinkhole swallows Los Angeles in sci-fi disaster drama La Brea | Television

La Brea

10pm, Channel 5

Executive-produced by, among others, David Applebaum, one of the writers and producers of The Mentalist, here’s an ambitious sci-fi disaster drama about a humongous sinkhole that pulls people and buildings into its depths in Los Angeles. While the rest of the world tries to work out what just gobbled up half a city, those inside it need to navigate its inexplicable primeval land – and each other. The full season will be available to stream on Paramount+ after this debut episode. Hollie Richardson

MasterChef Australia

7pm, W

The Aussie take on MasterChef is a good deal more showbiz than the UK version – whoops and high fives proliferate. It also feels more stretched: in tonight’s opening episode, nearly 20 minutes pass before any cooking happens. Once we get going, it’s the usual foodie’s treat, as new contestants are put up against returning stars from previous seasons. Phil Harrison

west world

9pm, Sky Atlantic

Even with this season’s revitalizing plot twists, Westworld is still most electrifying when it allows its actors to face off. Tonight, Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) torments a confused Caleb (Aaron Paul) about the whereabouts of his daughter. Meanwhile his grownup daughter C (Aurora Perrineau) tries to suss out the motivations of Bernard (Jeffrey Wright). Henry Wong

Two Doors Down

10pm, BBC Two

In an act of Keeping Up Appearances, Cathy and Colin invite the riffraff neighbors round to show off about their Italian sojourn. They’ve also asked their new fellow well-to-do holiday friends Andy and Gail about. But it turns out that no amount of olives on cocktail sticks can help you to pass as posh. HR

Dirk Strauss during patient Ian's surgery at The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, in Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life.
Surgeon Dirk Strauss during patient Ian’s operation at the Royal Marsden hospital, London, in Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life. Photograph: Channel 4

Super Surgeons: A Chance at Life

10pm, Channel 4

In the last of this unflinching look at the work of top oncologists, Prof Vin Paleri needs to perform throat surgery that could leave the patient unable to speak or swallow. Elsewhere, a woman is told she might need to have her whole reproductive system removed. HR

Big Zuu’s Big Eats

10pm, Dave

The irrepressible grime star-cum-chef heads up north to cook for Mel B. He recreates the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that Mel once made for Princes William and Harry, then makes a Jamaican and Thai-influenced “Spice up your life” soup . Alexi Duggins

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