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The Baby

9pm, Sky Atlantic

To end this motherhood horror story once and for all, Natasha (Michelle de Swarte) has only two options left: kill the baby to stop its curse; or accept the situation and learn to live as the child’s loving mother. Perhaps the latter isn’t so bad after all … Among the comedy chaos of this series, it has provided many introspective moments about the modern question of whether or not to have a child – and the finale is no different. Hollie Richardson


9pm, BBC One

The Bafta-winning series profiling the heroism of paramedics returns. This time it is set in the north-east of England, with its usual astonishing tales of valour in the face of underfunding. Tonight, there are traffic accidents, assault victims and chest pains. Somehow it manages to be both unsettling and uplifting. Alexi Duggins

Football Dreams: The Academy

9pm, Channel 4

This new documentary series follows the young footballers at Crystal Palace FC Academy desperate to make the club’s first team one day. The hopefuls are bright, assertive and talented – but have they and their families pinned far too much on a dream that requires being the very best at all times to even be in with a shot of making it come true? The pressure is uncomfortably palpable. HR

The Rap Game UK

9pm, BBC Three

Rap legends DJ Target and Krept & Konan are back on the hunt for the next big MC with this fourth series of the talent show. Joined by guest mentor BackRoad Gee, they quickly reveal a surprise twist to the six wannabe rappers ahead of their first challenge. HR

Carver and McAllister have no choice but to follow the clues and play the killer's twisted game.  Meanwhile, Major becomes increasingly disillusioned as he deals with Carver's rejection and an outside threat to his AI
A rise in the body count… Code 404. Photograph: Matt Frost/Sky UK Limited

Code 404

9pm, Sky Comedy

Treading a fine line between comedy and drama, this cop show just about gets away with it, thanks to the lead performances of Daniel Mays (DI John Major) and Stephen Graham (DI Roy Carver). Tonight, Major is increasingly blindsided by Carver’s rejection of his methods. In the meantime, the body count continues to rise. Phil Harrison

First Dates

10pm, Channel 4

“Love boobs and bum, can’t go wrong.” Young telephone engineer Dan has an endearingly frank way of communicating, but will that impress capable barristers’ clerk Bethany? Elsewhere in Fred Sirieix’s elegant bistro de l’amour, truck driver Beth and pony-tailed pilot Aristos try to suss out if they would be compatible. Graeme Virtue

The Evil Dead
Hell breaks loose… The Evil Dead. Photograph: New Line Cinema/Mike Ditz/Allstar

Movie choice

The Evil Dead (Sam Raimi, 1981) 9pm, Sky Sci-Fi
Sam Raimi’s calling card to the movie world is a triumph of imagination and wit over budget. One of the first cabin-in-the-woods horror films, it follows a group of doomed students, including Bruce Campbell’s soon-to-be-iconic Ash, to an isolated shack in Tennessee. There they find a book of spells that can summon demons – and all hell breaks loose (or parts of it, at least). Amid the gouging and decapitating – and rapid flurries of camera movement – ​​there runs a vein of cathartic slapstick that Raimi’s many imitators down the years have failed to improve on. Simon Wardell

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