Top 5 Times When Bollywood Celebrities Lost Their Cool At Fans

Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra among various other celebrities have enjoyed a massive fan base in the industry, however, this fandom often becomes a curse for these celebrities. As the ones who support their idols sometimes become the reason for their anger and frustration. In the wake of getting selfies or just getting an opportunity to see their idols, the fans often gets too close with the Bollywood stars which has often led to heated arguments and controversies.

So without further ado take a look at the top 5 times when the Bollywood superstars lost their temper at their fans, check out-

  1. Kajol Devgn Once Punched Her Fan

Bollywood actress and superstar Kajol Devgn once lost her cool with one of her fans, in an interview with ETimes, the actress revealed that she punched a fan in the face, saying that it was because he was obnoxious. The actress recently shared a cryptic note on her Instagram stories and wrote, “If you’re not here to entertain me please go away back and come back when you have some new material.”

2. Shah Rukh Khan Pushed His Fan

Shah Rukh who recently got attacked by one of his fans at the Mumbai airport, apparently a fan of the Bollywood superstar grabbed the actor’s hand leaving him angry and furious however his son Aryan was seen rescuing his father and pacifying the situation. While earlier the actor pushed one of his fans who tried to take a selfie with him.

3. Salman Khan Threw His Fan’s Phone

Bollywood Dabangg Khan is one of the actors in the industry who have encountered several incidents like such. The actor once threw his fans’ phones who tried to take a selfie with him. One of his fans said, “I had come here for some work and followed some fans after knowing that Salman Khan was here. He was seated on the left side of the car. We respect him and wanted to take a picture of him from my mobile phone. He opened his car window, snatched my mobile phone & threw it. The incident really hurt me. For him, the cost of the phone would be less but for us, it would have been a big loss if it would have been broken,”.

4. John Abraham Has Got Bitten By A Fan

Ek Villain Returns actor John Abraham once got bitten by one of his fans, the actor once visited Mangaluru for an event when he got bitten by his female fan. And just like a very normal response, the actor slapped his fan, which is pretty obvious.

5. Priyanka Chopra

Another actor on our list is the Hollywood and Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra. The actress revealed that she slapped a fan for allegedly misbehaving with her on Anjaana Anjaani sets. The Bollywood superstar said that she obliges fans by taking pictures with them but the actress is not comfortable with physical proximity. She said, “I slap a lot. Once a fan misbehaved with me. I don’t know if he was a fan. I came out of my trailer when I was shooting for Anjaana Anjaani. He just came and held my arms. I am very good at taking pictures and everything but I don’t like being touched physically. So, he just held my hand and started asking for pictures. I got really scared. So, I grabbed his collar and slapped him. Then I got so scared that I ran away.”

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