Top 10 Cutest Anime Animals Of All Time, Ranked

Humans in the real world are so often drawn to animals, which means they can be popular characters in all storytelling mediums. There is something about adorable animals that humans can connect with. Anime boasts some of the cutest creatures that viewers see on screen. Nevertheless, there are plenty of anime animals that spoil their adorable appearance with a loud or questionable personality.

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However, some anime animals are both cute and kind. Regardless of whether they are the main character or a supporting presence, viewers are sure to remember the cutest creatures they see in anime.

10 Sadaharu Is Adorable Despite His Size And Biting Tendencies (Gintama)

Gintama is a beloved comedic anime with over 350 episodes. It has a stacked roster of hilarious and intriguing characters that come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most memorable is a large dog named Sadaharu, who also happens to be a member and pet of the Yorozuya.

Sadaharu has a fondness for biting people’s heads and drawing blood, which is a precursor to his potential strength and ferocity. In moments of tranquility, Sadaharu can appear cute and docile, especially when he’s playing with Kagura or sleeping. He is essentially the mascot of the group, and an adorable one at that.

9 Kuroneko’s Appearances Start As A Running Gag But Become A Highlight (Trigun)

Never before has an adorable animal of no importance to the plot been such a beloved feature of an anime. Kuroneko is a small black cat who makes recurring background appearances in Trigun. She does very little more than typical cat things, but her appearances are still random and bizarre.

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There is a certain hilarity about Kuroneko always being in an episode in one way or another. It is a great running gag that doesn’t need any real explanation, other than that the cat is funny and cute.

8 Totoro Is The Cuddly Face Of Studio Ghibli (My Neighbor Totoro)

Totoro is the mascot of Studio Ghibli. My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most popular movies of the collection and Totoro is the face of it all. Despite his towering stature, Totoro is an oversized softie with an infectious smile.

Totoro is a furry creature who resembles a mixture of a cuddly bear and a rabbit, but he has a bizarre resemblance to an owl. From his general appearance to his mannerisms, he became a fan favorite character. Totoro is one of the first names to come to mind when thinking about adorable anime animals.

7 Chi May Have A Sad Backstory But She Gets Up To Plenty Of Wholesome Mischief (Chi’s Sweet Home)

Not all adorable anime animals are the centerpiece of their respective anime, but Chi sure is the main character of Chi’s Sweet Home. Chi is a cute kitten who, after her difficult past of being separated from her mother, is taken in by the loving Yamada family.

Chi’s adorable expressions and general enthusiasm for this new world makes for refreshing viewing. Fans will resonate with her and sympathize that she’s been separated from her mother. Still, viewers are excited to see what this mischievous little kitten will do next.

6 Hamtaro Is Adorable In His Enthusiasm (Hamtaro)

Written by Ritsuko Kawai, hamtaro is a manga series about a group of hamsters and their adventures. The series subsequently received a popular anime adaptation, which lasted 12 seasons and received additional supporting OVAs and films. Many children grew up with the adorable titular hamster, enjoying his brave and hilarious antics.

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Hamtaro isn’t always the brightest creature, but the viewer will never hold that against him. His show of heart and adorable innocence help him to be an easily-recognizable face of the show. He’s all round cute anime animal.

5 Luna Is Much More Than Just A Cute Mascot (Sailor Moon)

As magical girl series go, Sailor Moon is one of the most famous. Its initial run spanned the majority of the ’90s, but it is still enjoyed today. The vibe of Sailor Moon is seen in the locations and characters, and plenty of memorable designs are featured in the anime.

This is especially applicable to Luna, a talking cat and advisor to Usagi, the protagonist herself. This adorable creature is seen as synonymous with the titular heroine, and is so much more than just a cute mascot.

4 Ein Is A Bundle Of Fun With A High Price On His Head (Cowboy Bebop)

the Cowboy Bebop anime and the titular crew have been incredibly popular since their 26-episode run in the late ’90s. A ragtag group of bounty hunters with clashing personalities and intense personal backstories makes for an entertaining anime. The crew’s dynamic is unique; it’s not always about friendship and comradery.

The Bebop team is completed by their dog Ein, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Adorable in his appearance and playfulness, Ein is introduced as a highly sought-after “data dog” with enhanced intelligence. This adorable canine joins the crew after avoiding harm from his various pursuers.

3 Kirara Is Especially Adorable In Her Normal Form (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha is a beloved story of adventure, fantasy, and romance. While the manga is exceptional, the anime brings extra vibrancy and beauty in the animation and art style. Alongside the fan-favorite main characters of Kagome and the titular Inuyasha, there’s an exciting array of supporting characters.

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One major example is Kirara, a cat demon who acts as Sango’s faithful companion. The two-tailed Kirara is adorable in her usual form, but can transform into a fearsome beast when called upon. She is the epitome of don’t judge a book by its cover, especially because that cover happens to be extremely cute.

2 Potato Is A Hilarious Fluffy Chief Of Chaos (Air)

Potato is a stray dog ​​from the anime Air who boasts fluffy white fur, small black eyes, and a mischievous side to his personality. Potato and Yukito have a bizarre friendship. Although Yukito doesn’t own Potato, the cute little dog follows him around for companionship.

Beyond a naturally playful and cheeky personality, there is no real reason for Yukito to ever stay mad at the small canine. Potato can only say one word, “Piko,” which is always funny to hear when he’s running around and causing mischief.

1 Taromaru Is The Most Adorable Anime Animal (School-Live!)

School-Live! is a rollercoaster of emotions from the get-go that’s presented as a standard slice-of-life anime within a school. However, the curtain is brutally ripped off to reveal that the core group of girls are in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Because Yuki can’t see the crisis for what it is, the overarching genres of slice-of-life and horror are merged into one.

This combination can be heartbreaking at times, but it’s saved by boasting anime’s cutest creature. Taromaru is the cute Shiba Inu puppy who joins the group. Taromaru’s adorable face enhances the cute, slice-of-life feel of the anime and makes his later demise all the more heartbreaking. He’s an intelligent, sweet dog.

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