Top 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2022 (So Far), According To Ranker

With Scott Derrickson’s much-anticipated The Black Phone hitting cinemas and scaring audiences witless, horror fans are clearly having a good year.

In the past six months, audiences have been treated to a vast array of horror flicks, many of which have been ones to remember. There may still be six more months of movies left this year, but these 10 movies are, according to Ranker, the best horror movies of this year (so far).

Note: Ranker lists are live and accrue votes on a regular basis. As a result of this, some rankings may have changed since publication.


10 The Black Phone

The Grabber in The Black Phone

From the director of 2012’s Sinister, The Black Phone follows Finney, a young boy who is abducted by ‘The Grabber’ and locked in a basement. To escape, he has to rely on guidance from a mysterious black phone which, despite being disconnected, won’t stop ringing…

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Another box office success for Blumhouse, The Black Phone is a classic popcorn horror. Set in the late-70s, the movie has a sleek visual style, and the atmosphere is palpable. Derrickson gets some great performances out of the young actors, whilst Ethan Hawke delivers a truly spine-chilling performance as ‘The Grabber’. It’s a character that will surely go down in horror history.

9 hellbender

hellbender review

Shot on a minuscule budget, hellbender follows a mother and her teen daughter, who live out in the woods and make metal music. All seems well until, one day, the daughter has a random encounter, which leads to her discovering links with her family and witchcraft, causing a rift with her mother.

With praise for its excellent performances and stark cinematography, hellbender shows the scope of low budget horror. It’s full to the brim with gory grisly goodness, making it a must for any horror fan, and it’s far more than just another film about witches. In years to come, it will surely be amongst the best movies about witchcraft.

8 They Live In The Grey

A woman covers another woman's eyes in They Live In The Grey.

They Live In The Grey follows Claire, a young social worker, who is working on a case regarding child abuse. But with a supernatural entity haunting the family, and the custody of a child on the line, Claire must overcome her doubts and stop this evil.

They Live In The Grey has a slick visual style and a fright around every corner, making it a perfect watch for horror fans. The atmosphere is dark and foreboding, and the intensity never lets up. For fans of great supernatural horror movies, this flick won’t let you down.

7 The Last Thing Mary Saw

Fronted by Isabelle Fuhrman, star of 2019’s Escape Room, The Last Thing Mary Saw follows a 19th-century family, who gather to mourn the loss of their matriarch. As the mourning proceeds, however, questions are raised that raise doubt about the nature of her death.

An atmospheric period piece with an alluring aesthetic, The Last Thing Mary Saw is sure to impress horror fans. Despite its low budget, fans are sure to find themselves lost in the world the movie creates. And with a focus on LGBTQ+ struggles at its core, it is yet another story for queer representation.

6 You Won’t Be Alone

Starring indie horror darling Noomi Rapace, You Won’t Be Alone follows a young woman who, after being transformed into a witch, kills a peasant woman and takes her shape; as she remains in this form, she discovers what it is to be human.

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An ambitious exploration into the reasons why life is worth living, You Won’t Be Alone is well worth a watch. Noomi Rapace is excellent, as always, and she’s complemented by a stellar cast of supporting characters. What’s more, the cinematography is stunning, lending to an atmosphere thicker than the blood that spills onscreen.

5 scream 5

Neve Campbell In Scream 5

Scream 2022 picks up 25 years after the events of the original, and Ghostface is back to kill again. But this time, there’s someone new behind the mask, and it’s up to the town of Woodsboro to figure out who and stop them.

After a string of fun but inconsequential sequels, Scream 2022 feels like a return to form for the classic franchise. With its brutal opening sequence, fans know the movie is not brass around, and after that, it just keeps on giving. It’s chock full of scares and enough blood to please every gore hound. In other words, it’s a sequel well worth the wait.

4 The Cursed

The werewolf baring their fangs in The Cursed

Set during the 19th century, The Cursed follows a man who arrives in a small country village, expecting to investigate an animal attack. However, as his investigation continues, he discovers that this simple animal attack is actually far more sinister than first thought.

With a bleak, oppressive atmosphere and stark cinematography, The Cursed is a feast for the eyes of any horror fan. It boasts a compelling story, offering up some fresh twists on a once stale genre, and the cast all do a fine job selling the authenticity of the movie’s world. The Cursed is a great movie for fans to sink their teeth into.

3 The Cellar

Keira Woods in front of a record player in The Cellar.

Amongst the hidden gems available on Shudder, The Cellar follows Keira, a mother of two who moves into a new home. However, when her daughter mysteriously vanishes in the cellar one day, Keira must face the supernatural entity that controls the house, before it takes her too.

Horror fans are sure to find something to appreciate in The Cellar. The setting of a spooky haunted house, for instance, is familiar ground, but The Cellar finds ways to make it scary. You could cut through the atmosphere with a knife. Elisha Cuthbert also does a great job as the lead, providing audiences with a real source of empathy throughout.

2 Fresh

Taking the world by storm upon release, Fresh is a breath of fresh air (pun intended) for the horror genre. Going into too much detail would spoil all the surprises this movie has in store. Let’s just say it’s a woman’s date night from hell.

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With phenomenal lead performances from both Normal People‘s Daisy Edgar-Jones and Pam & Tommy‘s Sebastian Stan, Fresh is horror done right. It blends pitch-black comedy and sickening body horror to a nauseating effect. It’s certainly a hard movie to stomach, but horror fans won’t want to miss it.

1 X

From horror veteran Ti West, known for House Of The Devil and The Sacrament, X is a throwback to a different time. It follows a group of budding young filmmakers in rural Texas who want to make an adult film, but things go pear-shaped when their elderly hosts catch them.

A24 hits it out of the park once more; X is a highly memorable movie. It has a striking visual style, with the look and feel reminiscent of movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It also subverts many familiar tropes in the slasher genre, offering audiences an inventive and exciting time. X is gory good fun and one that’ll certainly be revisited in the future.

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