Top 10 Anime Like Vermeil In Gold (That You Will Love Watching)

Published on August 6th, 2022

“Vermeil in Gold” is a fantasy, comedy-themed anime of the Summer 2022 season. It is being animated by the animation Studio Staple Entertainment, which has never done a TV anime series before, so, this is their first anime series. If you liked Vermeil in Gold anime, you will love watching the following 11 anime series.

anime like vermeil in gold

Vermeil in Gold follows the story of “Alto”, a high school mage, who is on the verge of repeating a year because he has not summoned a familiar yet. So, he finds himself a grimoire and tries to summon a random familiar. But things take turns and he summons a voluptuous demon lady “Vermeil”.

Despite being a powerful demon, Vermeil decides to stay with Alto because she finds his mana quite delicious. And yeah! She obtains the mana from Alto every day through some questionable actions. Be sure to keep in note that this is an Ecchi anime.

Here are the top 11 anime recommendations if you liked the premise and characters of Vermeil in Gold anime series.

1. The Familiar of Zero

Familiar of Zero anime like vermeil in gold

The Familiar of Zero follows almost the same premise as Vermeil in Gold. It tells the story of a female teenager “Louise”, who is a talented mage and studies in a prestigious high school but she cannot cast magic properly because she has no familiar. One day, when her class is given the task to summon a familiar, she tries to do so and an explosion occurs, which results in her summoning a teenage boy from Earth.

The boy’s name is Saito. He is treated like a slave by her, but he is much more than that. The series follows the same Ecchi theme, but the only difference between both the series would be that the roles of female and male are reversed in this anime.

  • Number of Episodes: 49 episodes.
  • Personal Rating: 8.00

2. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

anime series similar to vermeil in gold

As the title already suggests, it involves the summoning of a demon lord so you can tell its resemblance with Vermeil in Gold.

“Takuma” is a gamer who has nearly mastered the MMORPG Cross Reverie and no one even stands a chance against his in-game character Diablo. But one day, Takuma gets transported into the game as his character, Diablo, summoned by two females “Rem” and “Sheera”. They try to cast a slavery spell on Diablo but he is too strong and reverses the spell and now both of these girls are his slaves.

So starts the life of our overpowered demon king who is looking to disenchant this spell while traveling. And believe me, the methods they find to disenchant the spells are quite lewd. Diablo does not hold any resemblance to Vermeil nor Alto but the premise is somewhat similar to Vermeil in Gold, so, you will most definitely enjoy it.

  • Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes
  • Personal Rating: 7.10.

3. The Case Study of Vanitas

top 10 anime vermeil in gold

The series follows the story of “Noe”, a vampire, who is looking for the Book of Vanitas to unveil its secrets. On his journey, he meets a human named “Vanitas” that has the book Noe has been looking for and Vanitas helps vampires with the help of this book.

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Noe becomes more interested in Vanitas than the book he was initially looking for and so begins the journey of these two, saving vampires throughout their country. Vanitas’ personality resonates more with Vermeil as he is powerful like her and likes to command the other main protagonist.

  • Number of Episodes: 24 episodes.
  • Personal Rating: 8.50.

4. Black Butler

black butler vermeil in gold

This series tells the story of a boy “Young Ciel Phantomhive” who works to maintain peace in his native area with the help of his butler “Sebastian”. We, later on, learn that Sebastian is more than just a regular butler, as he is a demon who formed a contract with Ciel.

Ciel bargained his soul in exchange for Sebastian’s help against people who did him wrong. So, the anime follows the story of a boy who seeks revenge with a demon on his side. As compared to Vermeil in Gold, this series might not have any fan service, but it follows the same premise of a demon and using its help.

  • Number of Episodes: 46 episodes + 2 OVAs + 1 movie
  • Personal rating: 8.50.

5. Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!

uzaki chan vermeil in gold

Uzaki-chan wants to hand out anime follows the story of “Sakurai”, a teenage boy, who graduates from high school to college, but his personality also changes as he now becomes a lazy bum who is only interested in gaming at home. But he is not the only one who changes as “Uzaki”, his female junior in high school, also gets admission to the same college but she is completely different as she used to be a shy girl.

Now, she is so energetic that she always invites his senpai to hang out, to prevent him from becoming a loner. So starts the life of Sakurai as he is annoyed by her junior every day and they develop new feelings for each other. “Uzaki” might be the perfect spitting image of “Vermeil” as she is voluptuous, energetic, and always encourages his loved one.

And the mother of Uzaki is voiced by the famous Saori Hayami (Famous Roles: “Yamato” from One Piece, “Yor” from Spy x family, “Anju” from 86-Eighty Six).

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 7.50

6. Call of the Night

vermeil in gold same as call of the night

Call of the Night premiered in Summer 2022, same as Vermeil in Gold. The series follows the story of a high school boy “Ko” who is having trouble sleeping at night. One day, when he was strolling randomly outside, he meets a female vampire “Nazuna”.

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Ko requests her that she makes him a vampire, but he has to fall in love with her for this. So begins the story of a teenage boy trying to fall in love with a vampire, while following different conditions. The personality of Nazuna and Vermeil is very much the same as they both like the main protagonist and like to tease them.

  • Number of Episodes: 13 Episodes
  • Personal rating: 9.50

7. To Lov Ru

to luv ru vermeil in gold anime

The first thing that comes to my mind while watching this anime is that it is mostly focused on the Ecchi genre.

The series follows the story of “Rito” who wants to confess to her crush “Haruna” but he never gets the tempo that is required for the confession. And to add-fuel-to-the-fire, he encounters a beautiful, alien girl “Lala” while taking a bath. Lala wants to marry him because her parents want a political marriage for her.

So begins the life of our protagonist who tries to confess every day to her crush, but being surrounded by cute girls, lewd acts are destined to happen. Lala shows very little resemblance to Vermeil, but, she is as lewd as her which makes her character more interesting to watch.

Also, the character designs of all the female characters in the series are quite nice. The majority cast of this series is female, so, pick your waifu and defend her till the end!

  • Number of Episodes: 64 episodes + 7 OVAs
  • Personal Rating: 8.20

8. Dragonar Academy

Dragonar academy vermeil in gold

“Ash” is a destined dragon master who is studying at the Ansarivan Dragonar Academy. But he is still not able to summon his dragon for some reason which makes him a laughing stock in front of everyone.

One day, Ash tries to summon a dragon using his full power. He is successful in his attempt, but the dragon that is summoned turns out to be a bossy girl “Eco” who wants to turn Ash into his slave.

So begins the story of our dragon master trying to tame this bossy dragon girl. As compared to Vermeil, Eco has a more outrageous character, but it does follow a similar storyline.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 6.50

9. Omamori Himari

anime like vermeil in gold

Everyone loves cats, right? Well, our main protagonist of “Omamori Himari” thinks otherwise. “Yuuto” is a high school student who is allergic to cats. On his birthday, a supernatural being attacks him, but he is saved by a cat-girl “Himari” who wields a sword.

The cat-girl later tells him that he is an ancestor of a family of demon hunters and that she will protect him from these demons, as they tend to attack Yuuto everywhere. This series shows how Himari protects Yuuto and how she slowly starts to harbor more feelings for Yuuto. But unfortunately, Yuuto is allergic to cats, so, whenever she tries to get intimate with Yuuto, he rejects her bluntly.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes.
  • Personal rating: 7.00

10. Unbreakable Machine Doll

machine doll anime vermeil in gold

Unbreakable Machine-Doll is a revenge anime that follows the story of a teenage boy “Raishin” who is a puppeteer in control of his automaton “Yaya”, a teenage girl. Raishin transfers from Japan to the prestigious Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart in Liverpool, where everyone fights with their automatons to obtain the title of “Wiseman”.

But Raishin has different aims in mind as he transfers to this academy just to take revenge against the person who killed his family.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll has a similar Ecchi element like Vermeil in Gold but a bit more serious plot. And the main character is voiced by the famous Shimono Hiro (Famous voiced characters: “Connie” from Attack on Titan, “Zenitsu” from Demon Slayer, “Dabi” from My Hero Academia), so, you have a lot to look forward to .

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 7.00

Did we miss any similar anime in our “Top 10 anime like Vermeil in Gold” list? Let us know and we will try to add more recommendations to the article.

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