Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarrie Planning New Projects, Including Musical

Ash Top Gun: Maverick soars to success, passing a billion dollars at the global box office (it’s up to $1.35 billion now), the masterminds behind the movie, actor Tom Cruise and writer Christopher McQuarrie are hatching new plans to keep the audience entertained. As per Deadline, the duo is in the early stages of setting up three very different film projects.

First is an original song and dance style musical that they are planning as a star vehicle for Cruise, which seems a refreshing option after the massive success of Top Gun. The duo is also focusing on a new original action film with franchise potential and reportedly, they are also fixed on Les Grossman. Fans will remember Grossman as the fat, balding studio head Cruise played in a cameo for 2008 Tropical Thunder. However, it is not clear at the moment whether Grossman would be reprized in his own movie or for inclusion in either the musical or the action film. Cruise has been long interested in doing a musical, and fans have responded well to his singing in 2012s Rock of Ages. All three aforementioned scripts are to be written by McQuarrie in collaboration with Cruise.


while, Top Gun: Maverick is the latest triumph from the duo, Cruise and McQuarrie’s chemistry dates back to 2008’s valkyrie. In 2011 McQuarrie retooled Ethan Hunt’s character arc for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, subsequently paving the way for future sequels. Cruise shared his fondness for the filmmaker in a previous interview saying,

McQ understood, most definitely, not only that franchise but just a basis of storytelling, and a wide range of storytelling. He understands that with structure and tension, with suspense in a structure, you can have comedy, you can have drama, and so that’s where we went… I’ve loved my working with McQ – he and I met on Valkyrie – and it’s just been an exceptional experience working with him. …you read his scripts and his ability, his sense of storytelling and logic, and sense of personal adventure, and willingness to never give up and explore character and story under tremendous amounts of pressure that he loves, he actually thrives on it.

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Pending is an untitled film that Cruise intends to make with director Doug Liman and McQuarrie as producer, which is reported to be shot in space. However, coming up next from the duo is Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and its sequel. McQuarrie is back at the helm to write, produce, and direct, as Ethan Hunt goes on another action-packed adventure. if Top Gun‘s success is any indicator Dead Reckoning is going to be another crown jewel in the Cruise-McQuarrie partnership.

There is no further information available about the three film projects. Meanwhile, check out the Dead Reckoning teaser below:

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