Thousand Year Blood War Shares First Character Designs

Bleach: The Thousand Year Blood War Arc is the long-awaited anime adaptation arriving this fall. With Ichigo and the Soul Society set to return to the small screen, they’ll be accompanied by some new villains of the Quincy variety. Prior to the anime’s start this October, the Shonen series has released new character designs from Studio Pierrot to get fans hyped for the long-awaited return of Ichigo Kurosaki and his fellow soul reapers.

The Thousand Year Blood War Arc was originally considered to be the grand finale of the Shonen manga that was once considered a part of the “Big Three” of franchises printed by Weekly Shonen Jump, with One Piece and Naruto rounding out the trifecta. However, last year, Tite Kubo returned to his Shonen franchise with a new chapter that saw a dark secret about the underworld being revealed that turned quite a few heads for both the Soul Society and readers of the manga. While no new chapters have been confirmed, the resurgence of the series in both the manga and anime might mean that Kubo is preparing to make a comeback and create new stories for Ichigo Kurosaki and company.

New character designs from some old favorites along with new villains that will arrive in Bleach’s anime adaptation made their way online earlier, giving fans an idea of ​​the opponents that Ichigo and his friends will be facing this October when the Thousand Year Blood War Arc hits the small screen:

While the official airing of this new season will arrive this October, a special premiere will be held in Japan in September to give fans a new look at the original final arc of Bleach. Joining the likes of My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, and Berserk: Memorial Editionthis fall is set to be one of the biggest anime seasons of recent years, to say nothing of the arrival of Chainsaw Man’s anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA. Enjoy the quiet before the storm anime fans.

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