The Scariest Movies Streaming on Netflix in August 2022

Horror indeed seems like the gift that keeps on giving thanks to what streaming services have to offer. But with a new month finally here, it’s always fun to see what’s available to stream on Netflix to kickstart another month of possibilities. In recent years, Netflix has built a modest but creative collection of horror films for any horror fan, and this month’s latest additions are perfect fits for the classics already there. But what are some of the terrifying options on the service right now?

Apostle Put a Violent Twist on Cult Films

apostle was a unique folk horror film released in 2018, starring Dan Stevens and Martin Sheen. The film played on the scariest aspects of cult films but added a unique supernatural element. much like The Wicker Man, the film followed a man that traveled to this cult, disguised as a convert so that he may rescue his sister. But what he stumbled upon was nothing short of shocking and twisted the definition of a villain while showing just how vile humans could be in service to a deity that may or may not be real. apostle has breathtaking visuals and a believable setting, but the real payoff comes in its surprising and unexpected ending.

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Umma Shows a Terrifying Side of Motherly Love

A more recent addition to the service, umm, is a supernatural thriller about a woman who separated herself from her family and culture because of her abusive mother. While she wanted the best for her daughter, she also struggled with letting her leave the nest. But things take an unexpected turn when the woman’s mother dies, bringing her ashes to the estranged daughter. From here, the terror sets in as it’s clear the deceased mother isn’t done disciplining her family and begins to possess the main character. Umma has its fair share of twists and turns that prove even the simplest plots can be terrifying.

The Wretched Brings a Classic Trope to Modern Audiences

The Wretched is a clever mix of folk horror and creature feature with a film that follows the same basic premise as a Grimm fairy tale. The story follows a young man who must combat a monstrous witch whose goal is to kidnap and devour small children. The film is small-scale and uses gore and claustrophobic scenes to help build its tension and terror. However, the moment the Wretch appears, it’s easily one of the most creative movie monsters to appear on film. while The Wretched may not have the most profound plot, it perfectly sets up some great scares, and its effects make for a wonderfully grotesque creature.

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Thirteen Ghosts Redefines the Haunted House Movie

Thirteen Ghosts was released in 2001 and carried all the tonal aesthetics of horror films from the era. While its scares are more outrageous, and the editing was designed to make things look more cool than scary, it still offered some genuinely unsettlingly characters and kills. Following a family who decided to live in a family home, it comes to light that the house was actually one big ghost trap designed to trap and use the power of thirteen ghosts. Each ghost was clever in its design and purpose and could easily conjure up some solid scares even today. while Thirteen Ghosts isn’t perfect, it’s a surprise standout of the era.

The Ritual Is a Scary Look at Grief

The Ritual was a surprise monster movie to release on Netflix as it was more a character study than an outright horror film. The movie follows a group of friends on a hike while trying to honor their dead friend. While the trip was supposed to be a bonding experience, the group’s baggage over their friend’s death began to tear them apart at the seams. To make matters worse, they also inadvertently conjured a mythological beast through a ritual that was now hunting them. The Ritual is a surprise film in how deeply emotional it is, but it still managed to create a creature that was truly terrifying and a delight to see in action.

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