The Rest of the Command & Conquer Series Needs to be Remastered

Command & Conquer was once the biggest name in the real-time strategy genre. The series was headed up by Westwood Studios, and it brought players to an exciting alternate history following two factions vying for control over the world. In its heyday, the series saw a new release almost every single year, and it led to some of the best RTS titles ever. However, after Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight failed to live up to expectations, the series would fade into relative obscurity. There would be a couple of entires after that received mixed reviews, and the series would be dethroned as the king of the RTS genre.


The main Command & Conquer series has been on a bit of a hiatus ever since the release of Tiberian Twilight in 2010. There was a mobile game and a browser game, but those were nothing compared to the earlier days of the franchise. The series has remained when pretty dormant, until 2020 the first two games returned in with Command & Conquer Remastered Collection. Fans were excited to see the original titles remastered, but they have been left wondering what comes next for the franchise. If EA wants to bring the series back into the spotlight then it needs to keep the remaster train rolling.

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Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Was Pretty Good

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection gave the first two titles in the series an HD facelift. The story and gameplay were left intact, but they were presented with a 4K coat of paint. The game featured various improvements like an enhanced UI, upscaled cinematics, and a pretty robust multiplayer. It also threw in all the expansion packs and exclusive console missions. This collection was almost everything that fans of the franchise could have asked for, and now they want more.

The remastered collection felt like a return to form for the franchise, and it was arguably one of the first good things that EA has done for the series in a while. Instead of trying to craft a new game like it did with Command & Conquer Rivals and Tiberium Alliances, the series chose to go back in time to the early days. This was when Command & Conquer was at its height, and that makes the collection feel like a love letter for the iconic series. It also provides a valuable look into the early days of the RTS genre.

The Command & Conquer Franchise Needs to Shine Again

Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer Red Alert are great games, but they are only the beginning of the franchise. There are so many other titles in this series that deserve the remaster treatment. Not only were there three different Red Alert titles, but there was also the very popular series following the battle over Tiberium. On top of that, there were countless expansion packs and a couple of standalone Command & Conquer games that should also be given an HD facelift.

Command & Conquer Red Alert was already remastered in the Remastered Collection, but the other entries in that subseries have yet to be remastered. the Red Alert story followed the Soviets and the Allies in an alternate history where the Soviets attempted to take over Europe. This story was told about three different games, and the second entry is considered by some to be one of the best RTS games ever made. Modern day gamers need to experience this groundbreaking and iconic trilogy.

the first Command & Conquer game had a follow up in 1999 under the name of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, and the storyline continued for two more games afterwards. This series followed a war between the GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod as they fought for control over an Earth that was collapsing. Sadly, the fourth entry did not live up to the acclaimed third, but the series still deserves a facelift. the Command & Conquer franchise was once the biggest name in the RTS genre, but has since faded into the shadows. The remastered collection felt like a return to form for the series, and the remaster train should not stop there. This series deserves to shine again.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is available now on PC.

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