The Oddballs Animated Series Looks to Breathe New Life Into Netflix

Oddballs is a new animated series coming to Netflix, created by Odd 1s Out‘s very own James Rallison. The popular YouTube creator’s channel of the same name has over 17 million subscribers, and due to its success, this could be just what Netflix needs to draw in more viewers, considering that the streamer hasn’t been doing too well for itself.

The new series will star a bubble-shaped man, James, named after the creator, who goes on comical rants about everyday annoyances and occurrences. It follows the same premise as the YouTube channel and comics, though this time around James is joined by crocodile friend Max (like the one that appeared in the 2018 video, Life is Fun) and a supposed time traveler, Echo. While a premiere date has not been set yet for the series, it will be released later this year. The addition of this animated series may help boost Netflix’s ratings and viewership, as Oddballs will be bringing an already established fan base and brand identity from Rallison’s YouTube channel.

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James Rallison started out by creating comics, which he then migrated to YouTube, and it is there that his work took off. His use of animation to talk about his daily experiences, particularly his “Sooubway” work stories about his everyday struggles working in a sandwich shop, made his work relatable and drew in audiences. Now, fans will immediately recognize his clean art style punctuated by his precise voice and delivery. It is a combination of these elements that has allowed Odd 1s Out to dominate the world of animation on YouTube.

With Rallison also working on the Oddballs series, fans can expect this same brand of humor on the animated show. It will also bring the same kind of ridiculousness associated with his channel, as the characters will concoct the silliest schemes that will almost always end in disaster. To announce the Netflix series, Rallison released a video that went into the creative process behind the show and how the project was created almost entirely during the Covid-19 pandemic. The choice by Netflix to create a series with such a prolific YouTuber was also likely a strategic one.

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Netflix has recently announced that it has been struggling to retain subscribers. It also hasn’t been doing well in comparison to other streaming services, such as Disney+ overtaking Netflix’s movie viewership numbers. To help mitigate these losses, Netflix has since confirmed it will introduce an ad-supported tier at a lower cost for those who do not mind ads. with Odd 1s Out having such a strong fan base, this could be just what the streamer needs to draw in more viewers. The introduction of other new animated series on Netflix, such as the adult animated show farzar and the more kid-friendly Dead End: Paranormal Parkmay also give it a chance of retaining these new subscribers who have an interest in animation.

While the series is being released as part of Netflix’s After School Section, it will likely provide practical and relatable humor that everyone can enjoy. Fans of the YouTube series will still have to wait until an actual date is announced for the Oddballs series, but until then, there is plenty of Odd 1s Out content to catch up on before it comes out later in the year.

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