The Most Overpowered Anime Characters

Saitama defeats Boros

Anime is about being strong. The strongest. It’s about being the biggest and the baddest main character around and absolutely trouncing the competition. It’s about being able to defeat Frieza with not an emotional punch to the heart but a physical one to the face. After all, there is nothing better than watching an arrogant anime villain get their instant comeuppance for underestimating our hero (particularly if they deliver a shocked”nani!?before their defeat). So here it is y’all, these are the true heavyweight champions of the anime world. And while they might not be as powerful as these Mary Sues and Gary Stus, these characters are still in the running for the strongest anime character of all time.

Jin And Mugen

jin and mugen

While they aren’t able to level cities and smash planets to smithereens, the series protagonists of Samurai Champloo are on another level when it comes to swordsmanship in their anachronistic Edo-period world. Jin and Mugen can kill anyone. Jin is at the absolute pinnacle of sheer, deadly traditional sword techniques, while Mugen is able to surprise and overwhelm any foe with his breakdance-influenced style of fighting. The pair are both around nineteen or twenty years old, yet periodically face off against foes who are decades more experienced than they are. In the first episode alone they cut through an entire village worth of samurai. Jin himself takes on three of the governor’s most elite bodyguards at the same time. And that’s just a walk in the park. They have faced off against trained killers, deadly assassins, warrior priests, The Samurai Who Smells of Sunflowers (the deadliest ever known) and lived. how? They don’t give a honk if they die. Jin and Mugen both harbor a deep-seated death-wish that allows them to fight with a particular ferocity and abandon. And the great irony is the only people they can’t kill are each other, no matter how often they try.

Vash The Stampede

Vash the Stampede

The spiky haired protagonist from the seminal sci-fi western Trigun may look like a softie, but looks can be deceiving. They don’t call him “The Humanoid Typhoon” for nothing. Due to the destruction he’s caused throughout the planet, the man has a bounty of sixty billion double dollars. That’s a lot of money. Vash is able to fire his six shooter with blinding speed and surgical precision that would put Bob Munden to shame. And that’s not the only shootin’ iron he uses. Vash also has a cybernetic left arm that is able to fire machine gun bullets and a cannon blast. But that’s far from the biggest weapon in his arsenal. Due to his alien genetics, Vash also possesses a biological energy weapon called the “angel arm” that that is capable of leveling cities, just like Biblical angels did to Sodom and Gomorrah of old. Despite all of this, Vash is nothing but a softie at heart, and always tries to dispatch his enemies with none lethal means. His catch phrase is “love and peace” after all.



Okay first off let’s get one thing clear: I hate this guy. He’s a dick. He’s the most self-involved, vain, and arrogant dude in all of anime. He was the king of ancient Babylon in Fate/Zeroand all that power went to his head and made him literally the worst. But I regretfully have to include him because he is so insanely powerful.

What makes him so powerful? This man has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. The sheer amount of weapons in this douchebag’s possession puts the entire US military to shame. See here’s the worst thing about Gilgamesh, when he fights, he doesn’t actually fighthey just stands there while opening portals to his insanely vast treasure horde and then just throws stuff at people. And every single weapon that he throws explode.

So picture this: you’re a warrior, and a damn good one. You’ve honed and trained your body and your skills for your entire life. Your mind is sharp, you’re a tactical genius. You’ve mastered every fighting style on Earth, and can counter any move your opponent throws at you. You go to meet Gilgamesh on the field of battle. You draw your sword. You think you’re gonna make mincemeat of this little frat-boy and then you are obliterated by a million swords falling down on top of you with the force of rocket propelled grenades. And the worst part? Gilgamesh has this total asshole grin on his face while he’s decimated you. But let’s say you’re not a puny mortal after all. let’s say you’re a God and can’t be killed so easily. Well, old Gil has a solution for that too. He’s got these chains called Enkidu that allow him to bind god. It’s not fair. And that’s not even the worst thing Gilly’s got. If you were to somehow survive being bound and stabbed a billion times, Gilgamesh will just pull out his game-breaking sword Ea. What does Ea do? It destroys reality itself. Yes, you read that correctly. His dumb-ass sword Ea is able to cut the universe and reduce anything in its path to sheer nothingness. Gilgamesh doesn’t just kill you. he can make you un-be. Screw this dude.


guts from berserk

This man is a walking tank. He is an artillery strike on legs. He is six feet, eight inches, and two hundred and fifty pounds of certified grass-fed rage. Guts is a killer, through and through. He was born into a group of traveling mercenaries. The battlefield was his elementary school. He killed a man when he was 9, and by the time he was 19 he had graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Murder and a minor in Mayhem. As a teenager he could cut a man wearing armor in half and was able to defeat one hundred men at once. And this is before he got his demonic powers.

As an adult, Guts wields a sword called the Dragon Slayer in Berserk, which is basically just a sharpened boulder of raw iron with a handle. And the sword itself has absorbed so much demon blood that it can cut enemies on the physical and astral plane as well. Guts also possesses a cannon arm, improvised explosives, and a metric ton of throwing knives. Not only that, he also has a suit of demonic armor that heightens his power and numbs his physical pain receptors, making he capable of ungodly feats of strength. He’s a mortal man on a mission to kill the evil gods that took everything from him, and hell, I really think this guy can do it.


zeno and goku

Okay so everyone knows that Goku is Dragon Ball Zs strongest character right? He can do 50,000 pushups on one thumb. He can fly through the Earth’s atmosphere without burning up. he can crack a planet in half. He’s the most powerful man in the universe right?


The most powerful thing in the DBZ universe is… this thing. Zeno is the supreme ruler of the multiverse and all around cute little guy. Except he isn’t cute. He can wipe out an entire universe in the blink of an eye through sheer willpower. That’s it. He’s in a bad mood one day? poof. Universe gone. That’s it. That’s all she wrote. Because of this awesome power, his retainers are scared shitless of him, and rightfully so. After all, he could end them just by blinking. Nevertheless, Goku is able to conquer Zeno with the power of friendship, and he even affectionately calls the little blue dude “Zenny” from time to time. Just don’t get on his bad side Goku, or he might make you un-exist.


saitama standing

This guy is it. The pinnacle. The apex. The Alpha and the Omega. The Most High. The Most Exalted. The Most Powerful Supreme Being There Ever Was. this man is One Punch Man. And like his name suggests, he can defeat any foe with one-punch.

How did Saitama achieve this state of godlike power? The answer is simple: he did 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and ran 10km every day for three years. He also eats a banana in the morning, three meals a day, and says it’s important not to skip breakfast. That’s it. Of all the super powered people here, those fitness goals seem pretty … attainable? Like difficult sure, but I could do that if I really wanted to. Anyone could. And people do. The Saitama challenge is an internet sensation, and it’s working for people apparently. No one has defeated a giant alien in one punch, but it’s probably because they aren’t training intensely enough. After all, Saitama trained so hard that he went bald. If you complete this training circuit with a full head of hair, you’re obviously doing something wrong.

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