The Flash Star Grant Gustin Opens Up About Series Cancellation

The Flash’s lead actor Grant Gustin addresses the show’s cancellation to fans on Instagram, saying the ninth and final season will be “bittersweet.”

Grant Gustin, star of The CW’s longest-running Arrowverse show The Flashreacts to the news that the ninth season will be the series’ last.

In a video posted on Gustin’s Instagram, the actor calls the announcement of the show’s ending “bittersweet,” thanking the cast, crew and devoted fan base for the opportunity to bring speedster Barry Allen to the small screen for a decade. “It’s been an incredible nearly 10 years of playing this character and getting to be a part of this show,” he commented. “I’m very excited to do this one final time, finish on our terms, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it as much as I can.”

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Season 9 being the show’s last was speculated back in Feb. 2022, being that Gustin renewed his contract for a single season rather than a multi-season deal. The Flash was the first spinoff to launch from The CW’s arrowwhich ran for eight seasons and created the “Arrowverse,” a television universe comprised of other spinoffs like Legends of Tomorrow, supergirl and batwoman. Being that Superman & Lois has been confirmed to take place on an Earth outside the Arrowverse, the end of The Flash also marks the end of the television universe that has graced screens since 2012.

The Flash TV Show Isn’t the Only DC Project Canceled

while The Flash may be able to finish on the show’s “own terms” as Gustin mentions, not every DC-centered project has been able to do so in 2022. Warner Bros. Discovery recently drew fan criticism by canceling the batgirl film months after filming wrapped, a DC Extended Universe movie that was set to star actors Leslie Grace and Brendan Fraser as Batgirl and Firefly, respectively, while bringing back Michael Keaton’s Caped Crusader from Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). Non-DC Warner Bros. Discovery projects have been canceled as well, like Scoob: Holiday Haunt.

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Though the Flash’s television series is coming to an end, the upcoming DCEU film starring the controversial Ezra Miller as the titular Scarlet Speedster is still set to release in 2023. Though fans may not get Keaton’s Batman in the batgirl movie, The Flash film will still provide fans with the return of the actor’s Dark Knight.

Whether Gustin will return as the Flash after Season 9 though remains to be seen, but some of his fans wouldn’t mind him joining the DCEU next. Given multiple controversies surrounding Miller, back in April 2022, fans called for Gustin to replace Miller as the Flash in the DCEU. Miller’s time as the Flash is likely coming to a close as well after the character’s solo film, being that Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly has no future plans involving Miller “regardless if there are more allegations” against the actor or not.

Season 9 of The Flash will consist of 13 episodes and is expected to premiere on The CW in 2023.

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