“The first transmission of semen by fax”: the story of Bruce Dickinson’s batsh*t crazy horror movie Chemical Wedding

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson can turn his hand to pretty much anything. Not only does he front one of the world’s biggest metal bands, he’s also – deep breath – a fencer, an airline pilot, an author, a beer manufacturer and a sometimes radio DJ. But there’s one entry on his CV that doesn’t get talked about much: his foray into the world of film.

We’re talking specifically about Chemical Wedding, the low-budget horror movie that was conceived and co-written by Bruce. Inspired by the singer’s love of classic Hammer Horror films and their ilk, as well as his fascination with occultist Aleister Crowley, it wasn’t exactly short on talent: it starred sonorously-voiced thespian Simon Callow and was directed and co-written by Monty Python collaborator Julian Doyle. It even premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. So why don’t more people talk about it?

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