The Best Underrated Anime Still Worth Watching in 2022

A massive chunk of anime series and movies release every year, which is a welcoming sight for anime lovers. However, there are always a few titles that downright steal the show and leave little to no room for other shows to shine. For instance, if Naruto and Bakemonogatari were to debut in the same month, the audience knows who would win that battle. The list of excellent yet attention-deprived anime gets bigger every year, which is a waste of good stories if ignored.

There can be many reasons for some spectacular yet underrated anime to get eclipsed. It could be bad marketing, poor timing, or it doesn’t simply appeal to the viewers at the given moment. Still, there are a few gems out there that are worth taking a second look at.

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Strike The Blood Makes A Quality Vampire Anime

It’s almost disappointing that Strike the Blood doesn’t get the attention it deserves as a vampire anime. It has all the elements of a mainstream vampire story with loads of romance, blood-sucking and an unexpected harem plot twist. Strike the Blood shares Vampire Knights appeal for young women, Rosario to Vampires harem comedy, and a coming-of-age kind of plot.

Strike the Blood follows the story of Kojou Akatsuki, who happens to gain vampiric powers after an incident. It turns out that he’s a being of legend — to ensure he doesn’t devour the world, a secret society sends a rather beautiful sword-shaman to watch over him. A vampire who needs blood to activate his powers (particularly females) and a shaman who can’t stop getting attracted to the bad guy certainly makes for an exciting story.

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Hiiro No Kakera Is a Beautiful Reverse Harem

Reverse-harem anime tend to have that “typical” air to them; sometimes it feels every show of the genre follows a dedicated structure. Fortunately, Hiiro no Kakera is one of the few gems that will force the audience to binge it until the end. The visuals are breathtaking, the OSTs are mind-blowing and the pacing is exceptional. The series is adapted from an otome game of the same name and is one of the better reverse-harem out there.

Hiiro no Kakera follows the journey of a teenage girl named Tamaki Kasuga, who comes to visit her grandmother but gets caught in a supernatural drama. It turns out that she’s meant to be the next Tamayori princess, which ultimately connects her to the handsome guardians. Elements like action, romance and friendship are rarely lost throughout this story.

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It’s Almost Criminal to Skip Kyoukai no Kanata

Dubbed Beyond the Boundary, this anime is based on a Japanese light novel series labeled as romance and dark fantasy. It’s hard to understand why this one flew under the radar; the pacing and storytelling are wonderful while the characters have a unique appeal to them. The best of them all would definitely be the female protagonist, Mirai Kuriyama.

Mirai is an oddly dressed high school student who likes to say “How unpleasant” at every opportunity. A spirit warrior who can manipulate her blood to create weapons, Mirai is sent to kill Akihito Kanbara, who is an offspring of a human and a youmu. Soon they embark on a journey neither of them thought of and develop a bond that goes beyond the boundary.

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Is Cruelly Ignored

Chivalry of a Failed Knight could easily be in the league of popular anime where the MC turns super strong after a weak start. Not that it could’ve topped Demon Slayer or The Rising of The Shield Hero, but it could’ve been on the list viewers look for when they finished shows like those. This story follows Ikki Kurogane, who’s looked down on by his classmates at the Hagun academy for Mage Knights. These knights can manipulate their souls to call forth powerful weapons, but Ikki is nicknamed the Worst One because he doesn’t “seem” as powerful as the others.

However, when he wins the battle against a strong A-ranked blazer, who also happens to be a princess, things take a turn for the better for Ikki. He defies the odds and goes on to push himself from the lowest ranked knight, even fighting the” scandals” surrounding him. Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a great anime that explores the protagonists’ romance to some extent, but the focus remains on the story and its action.

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