The Best New TV Shows To Stream On Prime Video

From dark comedies to Western thrillers, Amazon’s Prime Video has a plethora of new top-rated TV shows members can watch.

With so many streaming services these days it’s hard to choose one that produces enough enjoyable content that continues to raise the bar, keeps viewers intrigued, and delivers fresh new material. Luckily, Amazon Prime is a one-stop shop for its members. Now more than ever, there’s something to watch for everyone on Prime Video this summer.

Not only can Amazon Prime members watch new TV shows and movies created by the platform and other networks but they can also watch older content that they may have missed. What’s better is there’s always the option to buy an older, beloved TV series or movie from Amazon itself. And with Amazon Prime Day (July 12-13) coming up, there’s no better time to watch the latest popular shows from Prime Video.


The Summer I Turned Pretty

Jeremiah and Belly at the debutante ball on The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty was released on June 17, 2022, and has quickly risen to the charts as one of Prime Video’s best new series. Created by Jenny Han, the series follows almost 16-year-old Belly Conklin as she enjoys the summer of a lifetime. But her summer gets complicated when she finds herself in a love triangle between brothers. Without wanting to hurt the other, Belly has a serious decision to make that could lose her a dear friend.

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The first season is already on Prime Videos Top 10 List and is ranked #1 in the United States with four-and-a-half stars. With such a high ranking, fans of the series have plenty of questions as they wait for season 2. Fans of season 1 can also read the books the show is based on, written by Han. Prime members can even watch The Summer I Turned Pretty with others in Amazon’s Watch Party.

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Chloe is another Amazon original that’s on the Top 10 List in the US, bringing a mix of mystery and fantasy all in one. Season 1 was released on June 24, 2022, and follows a lonely woman named Becky as she investigates the death of an old friend, Chloe.

Becky’s personal investigation only brings complications when she lies about who she is and what she’s truly searching for. Starring Erin Doherty and Poppy Gilbert, season 1 has six episodes, making this an easy thriller to binge — especially as Becky takes on a new identity to gain some answers. Other shows like Chloe include Netflix’s Inventing Anna and you.

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The Lake

A poster for Amazon's The Lake

After releasing on June 17, 2022, The Lake is an Amazon Prime show fans have been looking forward to. It has quickly become one of Prime Video’s best comedies on the Top 10 List. Starring Julia Stiles, Jordan Gavaris, and Madison Shamoun, the comedy covers serious topics in a light-hearted way.

In season 1, Jason comes back to his childhood lake house after a nasty divorce abroad. He hopes to have a fresh start and reconnect with the daughter he gave up for adoption when he was a teenager but things get tricky when he finds out his step-sister is now the owner of the lake house. Jason then goes on a hilarious mission to get back what belongs to him while creating new memories with his daughter. In this comedy, the sentiment “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” reigns true.

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The Sessions

A poster for Amazon's The Sessions starring Draymond Green

The Sessions is a sports documentary that follows NBA superstar Draymond Green, and season 1 already has five stars across the board. The miniseries is expected to have more than one season after rave reviews and a deeper look at the life of professional athletes and a need for self-help.

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In season 1, sports and wellness fans watch Green on a mission for better self-care. He meets with various experts to help him balance a well-meaning life on and off the court. And while there are plenty of inspirational sports movies on Prime Video, this docuseries isn’t just for sports fans; it’s for anyone interested in the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

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dark winds

A poster for Amazon's Dark Winds

With four and a half stars, dark winds is another new TV series that Amazon members can stream on Prime Video. Season 1 was released in June and is the perfect mix of drama, thrills, and mystery. Starring Zahn McClrnon, Kiowa Gordon, and Jessica Matten, the drama never ends for these Navajo police officers.

The series takes place in the ’70s as the officers are thrown into a double murder case that makes them question their own beliefs. Finding a balance between tradition and modern society, the plot thickens in every episode as the officers try to crack the case. As of this article’s publishing, there are currently five episodes that can be watched on Prime Video while a new episode is released from AMC every week. It’s slowly becoming one of the best TV shows to watch on Prime Video this month, as AMC has already greenlit a second season.

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