The Best Films to Watch if You Like John Wick

when John Wick first released in 2014, the film instantly grew a huge fan base, with every fan clambering for more of the groundbreaking action and the compelling world of the assassin underground. Since then, the series has gained two sequels, with the highly anticipated John Wick Chapter 4 releasing in March 2023. The sequels delved deeper into the assassin underworld, and delivered more of the incredible action that made fans fall in love with the first movie. While the three movies in the franchise perfectly deliver on what we want, we can’t help but want more.

More amazing action, cool protagonists, and intricate world building, and with John Wick Chapter 4 releasing in March 2023, we can’t wait any longer for our John Wick fix. However, they are many other movies out there for fans of the hit franchise that certainly match the greatness of John Wick. Whether these films inspired the action movie hit, include a cool protagonist, contain very similar action scenes and plot, or they are simply just fun action movies not to miss. With that, here are some of the best movies to watch if you like the John Wick franchise.


8 The Guest (2014)

while The Guest isn’t necessarily as fast-paced and exciting as the John Wick movies, the film no less delivers an engaging, nail-biting story, with a perfectly mysterious, intimidating, and terrifying performance from Dan Stevens, alongside some epic shootouts and brutal kills. The visual flair to this movie is comparable to the John Wick franchise, with director Adam Wingard giving the film a retro-style, with his uses of colors, set design, and cinematography. As an added bonus, Lance Riddick (who played everyone’s favorite hotel concierge from John Wick) plays the main “antagonist” of the film, trying to take down Dan Stevens’ character.

The Guest wasn’t necessarily a financial success, but has since become a cult classic and was a huge hit with critics on release. similarly, The Guest received many award nominations and took home the awards for Best Film and Best Actor at the BloodGuts UK Horror Awards 2014.

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7 Dredd (2012)

Upon release, no one could have expected Dredd to become as beloved as we know it today, especially after the controversial Judge Dredd, starring Sylvester Stallone. Releasing to huge praise from critics and fans, the dystopian film immediately became a cult classic. Dredd is nothing short of a visual spectacle; the dull dystopian world is meshed with beautiful and colorful action scenes. As we see bullets fly and bad guys get shot, we are treated to epic visceral slow-mo action scenes, with a sort of acidic filter added to it. The vibrant colors of these scenes are accentuated with the splatters of blood and body parts, which look even more disturbing and brutal in slow motion.

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This Netflix original movie sees Chris Hemsworth take the lead role as Tyler Rake, a deadly and very efficient mercenary and contract killer. We get to witness Tyler’s military background in many awesome action scenes. The choreography and cinematography work seamlessly together, producing some of the best action scenes on Netflix. Nowhere is the action better than in the film’s famous 12-minute continuous shot, as we follow Tyler as in a car chase and epic shootout, before finally culminating into a brutal one-on-one knife battle with another mercenary.

5 The Villainess (2017)

The Villainess is nothing short of a must-watch for action movie lovers. With the film’s compelling screenplay, great performances, and jaw-dropping action scenes, The Villainess has been compared to action movie greats such as The Raid, and, most importantly, John Wick. The action is truly sensational, with the film kicking off with an exciting first person action scene that looks like it’s been shot in one take. Before delivering another awesome one-take shot, as we see Sook-Hee dispatch a bus full of bad guys, while it is going full speed. The action in this movie has to be seen to be believed.

4 The Night Comes for Us (2018)

This Netflix original is a martial arts extravaganza not to be missed. The Night Comes for Us is an action movie spectacle, and shares many similarities to the popular Raid movies. From its high quality and violent action scenes, as well as starring two huge stars from The Raid franchise, Joe Taslim and Iko Uwais. This hyper-violent martial arts epic will certainly satisfy all fans itching for another installation into The Raid franchise.

The action is incredibly violent and brutal, and is certainly in the running for one of the most violent action movies of all time. From a bloody massacre in a meat shop, to a final, really long, and just all-around brutal brawl to the death between martial arts icons Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim. The pair beat each other to a pulp as they fight for their lives, throwing rapid punches and devastating kicks before using sharp pieces of wood, knives, and even a saw table to hack and slash at each other.

3 The Raid: Redemption (2011)

Since releasing in 2011, The Raid: Redemption has become legendary in the action genre, delivering plenty of beautifully shot and brutally choreographed fight scenes. The Raid was groundbreaking. Although the film had a fairly simple, and not necessarily original premise, this didn’t take away from the mind-blowing action and phenomenal performances and physicality from the whole cast.

Having been released three years before John Wick, The Raid was the first film to deliver such well-shot action scenes, as opposed to the shaky cam-style quick edits that were infamous with the genre in the 2000s. Action movies such as the Bourne movies and Tasks were the most formidable with this type of action. but, The Raid paved the way for a new generation of action movies, making action scenes that feel like a dance, with an impeccable rhythm and pace to them. The film feels very reminiscent of classic martial arts movies from the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. That, combined with incredible camera work, resulted in some of the best action scenes in cinema.

2 The Raid 2 (2014)

The Raid 2 delivers on more of what we loved about the first movie, mainly the impeccable action scenes. The bigger budget and ambitions makes the scale of The Raid movies drastically bigger, which results in some of the best action scenes in the franchise. Iko Uwais yet again shines in this epic action movie, demonstrating his intense and lightning-fast physicality that could put even “The Baba Yaga” to shame. This leads us to hope that one day we get to see Uwais go toe-to-toe with John Wick himself.

many claim that The Raid 2 is just as good, if not better than the groundbreaking film before it, and blew all expectations out of the water when this film dropped almost a decade ago. The Raid 3 is currently up in the air, but fans are hoping for some sort of news every single day.

1 Nobody (2021)

write by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, nobody feels like it is set in the world of John Wick as an unofficial spin-off. The action, while not as impressive or over-the-top as the John Wick franchise, is no less brutal and exciting. The cast to this movie was phenomenal, with Bob Odenkirk giving a truly believable performance as Hutch Mansell, as a retired “auditor” (an assassin hired by intelligence agencies) who seems like an ordinary guy. Odenkirk sells us on the characters capabilities, demonstrating some incredible physicality in the action scenes, and of course giving the character depth in his intimidating, scary, and more emotional moments. But, the standout was Christopher Lloyd as Hutch’s dad, and seeing “Doc Brown” shoot a wave of bad guys with a shotgun was incredible.

nobody was a tremendous hit with critics, and they praised Odenkirk’s performance, and the amazing action and intriguing screenplay from Kolstad. Ever since its release, fans instantly fell in love and are now keeping their fingers crossed for a sequel. While there are many similarities between nobody and John Wickmostly due to Derek Kolstad having written both, there are still many aspects that set these two action movies separately.

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