The Best Argentinian Movies on Netflix, Ranked

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, movie fans can dive deeper into other cultures through movies. If you want to discover what’s happening in the cinema of Argentina, from cult classics, new gut-wrenching thrillers, and emotional dramas to so much more, you can play the film of your choice from the growing country’s selection on Netflix. These are some of the best Argentinian movies streaming on Netflix.


9 Wild Tango

One of the best films about musicians, the 1993 biopic Wild Tango is a dazzling story about Tanguito (played by Fernán Mirás), the rebellious singer from Buenos Aires who gave birth to Argentine rock in the 1960s. The biographical drama follows Tanguito’s rise and fall, encompassed in oppressive times of military dictatorships in the country. so, Wild Tango is not just Marcelo Piñeyro’s tribute to the era of Argentine rock pioneers, but also a film about important moments in Argentine history.

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8 Memories of a Teenager

Lucas Santa Anas Memories of a Teenager is an emotional movie about being a teenager in Argentina. The protagonist, 16-year-old Zabo (played by Renato Quattordio), tries to cope with the suicide of his best friend and the real-life tragedy of the fire in the Buenos Aires dance club, Cromañón, writing about his daily life in the blog called Memories of a Teenager. This honest coming of age story follows Zabo as he falls into an existential crisis exploring his sexuality.

7 My Masterpiece

The 2018 comedy drama My Masterpiece is an extremely warm, realistic, and touching tale of a longtime friendship. Featuring top-notch Argentinian actors, Luis Brandoni and Guillermo Francella, the film follows charming but unscrupulous art dealer Arturo and talented but slightly wild painter Renzo. To solve all their problems, old friends plan a risky fraud. “The film has tension, drama, emotion, and it also has a lot of humor, it marks Francella and Brandoni’s return to comedy”, the director of My MasterpieceGastón Duprat, said.

6 The Lighthouse of the Orcas

A moving film with a beautiful soundtrack, the 2016 Spanish-Argentine drama The Lighthouse of the Orcas is a story of a desperate mother and her autistic child as they travel to the coast of southern Argentina, Patagonia, to meet a lighthouse ranger who can swim and communicate with wild orcas. This journey will make everyone’s life change. Gerardo Olivares’ The Lighthouse of the Orcas is one of the most inspirational films about the sheer energy of nature and an emotional connection with animals.

5 The Crimes That Bind

The Crimes That Bind is a slow-burning and enticing psychological thriller about a mother’s unquestioning love, and is heartbreaking and optimistic at the same time. Directed by Argentine director Sebastián Schindel, this 2020 film centers on Alicia (played by Cecilia Roth, “Pedro Almodóvar girl”), a wealthy woman who gives it her all to keep her son from prison. She believes that her son, Daniel (Benjamín Amadeo), charged with assault and attempted murder, is innocent – ​​but as the film goes on, Alicia uncovers skeletons in the closet.

4 The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime

One of the most successful Argentine films of 2014, Sebastián Schindel’s The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime tells the heart-wrenching true story of a humble farmhand (played by Joaquín Furriel) who sees his new job in a butcher’s shop as the key to a better life. But a sinister boss who treats him like a slave pushes the main character, Hermógenes, to revenge on his tormenter. It’s clear from the start that Hermógenes killed his boss, but The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime spends a lot of suspenseful, culturally excoriating time asking why this happened.

3 Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score

One of the best sports documentaries on Netflix, the 2020 film Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score centers on the Argentine tennis legend. In the documentary, sports journalist Eduardo Poppo and mathematician Marian Ciulpan review 1970s tennis rankings and prove that Guillermo Vilas was unfairly denied the No.1 ranking in world tennis. Puppo made Vilas’ fight his own and spent more than ten years of his life on this sentimental research.

2 Waiting for the Hearse

Regarded as a cult classic in Argentine cinema, Alejandro Doria’s 1985 black comedy Waiting for the Hearse centers on 80 years old Mama Cora and the members of her bizarre middle-class family trying to endorse someone else to care for Mama during her last days. The film is based on the stage production by playwright Jacobo Langsner and starred magnificent actors from the theater world, including the great comedian Antonio Gasalla, known for his female impersonations like Mama Cora in this film. Waiting for the Hearse is comedy at its best, funny, ironic, and often bitter.

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1 The Distinguished Citizen

Directed by Argentinean directorial duo Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, this satirical dark comedy stars Oscar Martínez as a European-based Literature Nobel Prize winner returning to his small hometown in Argentina, where he hasn’t lived for 40 years. The Distinguished Citizen tells the story of small-town jealousy, fame, and provincial culture. Described by Variety as “an enjoyable, if thoroughly predictable story pitting worldly sophistication against rural stereotypes,” the 2016 film needs a Hollywood remake.

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