The 10 Worst Final Seasons Of Great TV Shows, According To Reddit

With shows like Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead riding off into the sunset after an extremely successful run, fans can’t help but be reminded of TV series that faltered in their last go-around. It’s always hard to let go of a beloved show, but many simply overstay their welcome and go out with a whimper.

From sitcom classics like That ’70s Show to Netflix crime dramas like Ozark, even the best series can deliver a clunker as their last season on the air. Though many shows have sputtered towards the end, users on Reddit took to the site to mention the ones that they thought disappointed the most.


The League (2009-2015)

FX’s Comedy Series The League was a surprise hit for the network and gained quite a cult following over its seven-season run. However, user The-Juggernaut lamented the show’s final season, saying “The League had the worst final season ever. My god did that show go from great to good to terrible”.

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Maintaining consistency with comedy is a difficult task, and in The League‘s case, the show seemed to get bogged down in character-driven stories and neglected what originally made it great. Seven seasons is an impressive run for such a sleeper hit, but fans weren’t happy with the way the series slowly faded into obscurity in its final year.

The X Files (1993–2002)

Scully and Mulder point guns side by side on The X-Files

Even though some shows get revived for additional seasons, the original final season can still leave a bad taste in fans’ mouths. User zamazentaa called out the X-Files’ original ending when they wrote “So season 8 pretty much ends perfectly…Then there’s season 9. You know that beautiful ending? Guess what? Now it’s ruined.”

With the full-time departure of one lead actor and the part-time departure of the other, The X Files limped into its final season with two new characters that fans were hesitant to accept. Though there were still a few great creature feature episodes, the final season was totally devoid of the magic that Mulder and Scully had together on screen.

Heroes (2006-2010)

Despite hot starts, some shows begin a gradual decline after the conclusion of their first season, and fans are left to wonder what happened. User Taravangian mentioned one such show when they commented “heroes is up there. Season 1 was amazing, 2 and 3 were mediocre, 4 was hot garbage”.

heroes succumbed to a classic case of lacking enough ideas to carry the show for multiple seasons. Season 1 is highly regarded as a brilliant piece of TV, but it was clear that season 1 was as far as the ideas went. Quickly the series began to faller, and by its final season, it had completely derailed.

Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969)

Star Trek Original Series Crew

Though it launched a franchise, Star Trek: The Original Series wasn’t a perfect piece of TV when it originally aired. User lockenkeye got specific when taking down the show’s final season, writing “Star Trek: TOS. There is a reason they got canceled after that season. ‘Spock’s Brain’…need I say more?”

The third and final season of TOS was plagued with many of the same problems as the second. The network moved its time slot, and the ensuing difficulties led creator Gene Roddenberry to lose interest in the project altogether. Despite this, some of the best episodes of TOS came in the final season, and there was plenty of good to balance out the bad.

True Blood (2008-2014)

Even if a show was never the height of quality TV, fans can still be disappointed when things take a sour turn. User thefablemuncher took down a show for its ludicrous final season, saying “True Blood has never really been what you would call ‘quality’ television, but it was a fun enough show…By the time season 7 came by (its final one) I honestly wanted to quit it.”

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To many fans of the show, it seems as if the final season of True Blood represented the worst of the previous six seasons. The show began to grow stale, and it limped to its conclusion instead of triumphantly finishing what had been over half a decade of TV up to that point. At their worst, bad final seasons can lead fans to question the quality of the seasons that came before.

Ozarks (2017-2022)

Ozark Byrde family

Netflix had a hit on its hands with the gritty crime drama Ozark, and it gave fans a chance to see the darker side of its normally comedic lead actor. User thefilmer didn’t mince words when talking about the show’s final season, saying “The final season of Ozark was a dumpster fire and ruined the show.”

Though concluding a story like Ozark‘s was bound to leave some fans unhappy, the last season of the series mostly left viewers perplexed. It was startlingly different than its predecessors, and though some of the show’s best episodes came out during the season, it was still seen as lackluster at best.

Lost (2004-2010)

All characters from Lost (2004)

Though lost is most known for its divisive final episode, some fans took umbrage with its entire final season as well. User dev1359 was quite disappointed with the show’s final effort when they wrote “It’s probably an unpopular answer, but I hated the final season of lost…overall I hated how they chalked up much of the mysteries of the show to magic.”

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As big and twisting as lost was, it would have been nearly impossible to neatly tie the show up in the end. However, some fans still weren’t happy with the effort and found that many shortcuts were taken when it came to explaining the events of the series. lost has an important place in TV history, but its final season is usually overlooked.

That ’70s Show (1998-2006)

Even though That ’70s Show tried to play off its shortcomings with a tongue-in-cheek homage to 1970s sitcoms, fans still weren’t pleased with the series’ final season. When asked what show they thought had the worst final year, user 18aidanme wrote “That ’70s Showtook off their 2 main leads and got a crappy new character for no reason other than to fill the blank.”

Considering the fact that Eric Forman was the main character of the program, his departure essentially spelled the end of the series. Despite this, the show chugged on for an additional season that was a shadow of its former self. Though the show had introduced great characters that only appeared in one episode, its attempt to introduce new full-time characters fell flat.

Dexter (2006-2013)

Dexter staring with a cut on his face.

An eight season run is an impressive feat in the era of modern television, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the show lived up to its own expectations in its last years. User Fritz84 wasn’t happy with the way the show ended, saying “Last season of Dexter hurt my head at how terrible and rushed it felt.”

The show’s premise was conductive to shocking twists and turns, but it also frequently fell into the pitfall of writing itself into a corner. A lot of viewers were satisfied with the conclusion of the second to last season, and the walk-back for the last was not appreciated. The final season’s biggest problem was that it set too many things up, and was forced to end them too quickly.

How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)

how i met your mother musical episode

The conclusion of How I Met Your Mother helped it establish a fanbase that tuned in to find out the answer, but it also guaranteed that some fans would be disappointed in the end. User mistymountainz was succinct with their opinion, saying “How I Met Your Motherthe last season was bad…”

The sitcom not only faltered because it overstayed its welcome, but it also made questionable decisions when it came to concluding the mystery that had come to define the show. Time jumps and tired relationship problems only helped to compound the problems, and by the final season, fans were just ready to see it end.

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