The 10 Coolest Female Anime Characters, Ranked

Anime is bursting with cool characters, and anime’s female characters are some of the coolest. Their easy charms and unparalleled skills can be greater than their male counterparts. Additionally, they always seem to keep calm in the toughest situations.

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Cool anime females are also some of the most beloved characters. They often have the best scenes and can be counted upon to be honest and tough. These characters are typically well-respected by their peers, as well. The coolest female anime characters inspire fans to adopt the same impressive traits in their lives.

10 Yuu Kashima Is The Prince Of Her School (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun)

Yuu Kashima is arguably the coolest character of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. She has a suave presence and a dazzling personality that attracts everyone she meets. When she is not stunning her classmates, she is charming audiences on the stage playing princely characters. Though she is often mistaken for a boy, Kashima takes it all in stride and continues her cool sensibilities.

Kashima may not be the brightest or most punctual person, but her popularity is unmatched. Even when people are upset with her, she easily disarms them with her winning charm. Kashima is one of the coolest characters because nothing ever phases her.

9 Mikasa Ackerman Is A Skilled Soldier (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman is a member of the Scout Regiment in the hit show Attack on Titan. Her astounding talent while using ODM gear makes her one of the best soldiers in combat, and the military. Her devotion to Eren Yeager can be a blessing and a curse, but she has survived so far by trusting him.

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Mikasa is one of the coolest characters not only for her fighting style but also for her no-nonsense attitude. She handily brings down anyone who messes with her, and she stands up for the ones she loves. Fans love Mikasa and her curt personality.

8 Minori Kushieda Is Quirky and Fun (Toradora!)

Minori Kushieda is an unconventional but cool character from Toradora!. Though she is a little on the eccentric side, Kushieda knows how to have fun. She loves to goof around, and being scared (or scaring others) is one of her favorite past times.

Kushieda is also extremely hardworking. She has multiple jobs to help out her family, and she is the captain of the baseball team as well. Though she has trouble expressing her true feelings, Kushieda will always be there to fight for her friends and add silly comments.

7 Ryuko Matoi Fights With Fashion (Kill la Kill)

Ryuko Matoi is one of only two people in Kill la Kill who can wield a kamuy, a garment made entirely of life fibers. As such, she is the coolest character in the show. Her drive to find her father’s killer, and her unique bond with her uniform, Senketsu, make her a dynamic character.

Additionally, Ryuko is a loyal friend, who sticks by Mako Mankanshoku’s side, even when they are eventually engaged in combat. Ryuko will not let anyone keep her from her goal while being the best fighter she can be.

6 Shinobu Kocho Plays To Her Strengths (Demon Slayer)

Shinobu Kocho is one of the Hashira in Demon Slayer. Despite being a Hashira, Shinobu is too weak to decapitate a demon, so she fashioned a poison that deals direct and irreversible damage to them. This shows Shinobu to be both resourceful and skillful in many fields.

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Furthermore, Shinobu has great love for her family, especially her late sister. Even during combat, Shinobu has a cool personality and a dry wit. With this, Shinobu shows audiences how strong of a Hashira she truly is.

5 Kyoko Honda Gives Advice From Experience (Fruit Basket)

Kyoko Honda is Tohru Honda’s mother in Fruit Basket. Although she has since passed, Kyoko was a strong and courageous woman who always seemed to give the best advice. Her years in a gang taught her to grow up fast, but they also led to her meeting her husband and learning many life lessons along the way.

In life, Kyoko lives every day to its fullest. She adored her family and would take in any kids who appeared to have lost themselves. Kyoko’s compassion helped many young people find their place and gave them a reason to keep trying to be better. Although fans are sad that she is gone, they still recognize her in all the lessons she taught the kids in life.

4 Bishamonten Is Respectful and Fierce (Noragami)

Bishamonten is a goddess of war and one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Noragami. Usually known as “Bishamon,” she is a ruthless but fair warrior who treats all of her many regalia with respect. She takes her job very seriously and is honor-bound to do her best.

While Bishamon is a respected fighter, anyone would be wise to steer clear of her wrath. She can be exceptionally vengeful, but she is also not wholly opposed to reasoning things out. Bishamon’s chivalry and regard for her regalia make her one of the coolest anime characters.

3 Erza Scarlett Is A Chivalrous Knight (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet is a knight and mage in the show Fairy Tail. Erza is a strong and fierce warrior whose brusque nature can sometimes cause others to fear her. Despite this, she is a well-respected member of the Fairy Tail Guild and even becomes Guild Master for a time.

Erza’s tragic childhood has had a large impact on her life and caused her to want to train and fight harder to protect those closest to her. Her goal appears to have worked as she is one of the best fighters in the Guild. Erza’s tough but fair behavior makes her one of the most respected characters in the anime.

Winry Rockwell is a young Automail mechanic from Amestis in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. As a mechanic, Winry carries on her parents’ medical legacy by helping those who need it as a war rages in and around their country. Fans get the opportunity to watch Winry grow into her skills throughout the show.

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Winry is a sharp and smart person, who does not take disrespect lightly. She knows her job, and she knows she can do it well. Despite her constant aggravation from him, Winry has a crush on the protagonist, Edward Elric, but she never lets it stop her from her dreams or her work. Winry is a shining example for all young people to be true to themselves and to be confident in the work they provide.

1 Nobara Kugisaki Is Feminine And Dangerous (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Nobara Kugisaki is a Sorcerer in training in Jujutsu Kaisen. Nobara typically has a fun-loving personality, but is a ruthless fighter when it comes to Curses. Nobara’s Straw Doll technique is both intensely cool and devastating, especially when she uses her own injuries against her opponents.

Despite Nobara’s toughness on the battlefield, she is also into fashion and loves to shop. Having grown up in the country, Nobara loves all the glamor and allure of the city. Overall, Nobara is a well-rounded female character, who is a rare and cool find in anime.

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