The 10 Coolest Anime Powers, Ranked

When it comes to anime fights, a simple sword or gun battle can be entertaining, but the best fights seem to always be between individuals who possess some type of power. Luckily, there are plenty of power systems in anime, and they all have unique traits and applications.

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Not every anime power is strong, in fact, there are plenty of terrible abilities, but in the right hands, any power can be effective and deadly. That being said, the coolest powers are often those that are considered overpowered to some degree, but there are other factors at play too, like a power’s versatility or overall appearance during battle.

10 The Op-Op Fruit Allows The User To Do Virtually Anything (One Piece)

Devil Fruits offer a variety of powers in one piece, but the Op-Op Fruit really stands out. This paramecia is coveted by many because of its medical benefits, but it also has the power to grant someone immortality. This fruit allows its user to manipulate the movements, physical configuration, and orientation of anything caught within a spherical area.

The user can teleport themselves or others, rearrange body parts to make enemies immobile, and move objects with a form of telekinesis. Basically, the user can control the fabric of space. Through Devil Fruit Awakening, this ability can be applied to other objects like swords.

9 Sun Breathing Looks Absolutely Beautiful (Demon Slayer)

In demon slayer, there are multiple breathing styles, but they are all derived from Sun Breathing. This style was created by Yoriichi Tsugikuni, and it has been passed down through the Kamado family as a dance for generations.

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This breathing style mimics the sun, and during combat, the user looks as though they are controlling actual solar flames. When it is used in battle, Sun Breathing looks absolutely stunning, and it is highly effective against demons because each technique is inherently different and follows no set pattern.

8 Chrollo’s Skill Hunter Allows Him To Steal & Use Other People’s Nen Abilities (Hunter X Hunter)

Chrollo Lucifer may not be the coolest anime villain, but his power is certainly interesting. by Hunter x Hunter standards, Chrollo is a specialist, which means that his ability requires more steps and conditions. It is called Skill Hunter, and it allows him to steal other people’s Nen abilities.

He stores these abilities in a special book, and he can use them just as well as, if not better than, the original user. In order to do this, however, he must witness the ability with his own eyes, and he needs to ask the user Nen questions and receive an answer. The victim also needs to physically touch the book, and all these steps must be completed within an hour.

7 Gate Of Babylon Summons A Wealth Of Ancient Weapons (Fate Series)

the fate series centers around a battle between mages and their heroic spirits, and Gilgamesh is still considered to be the franchise’s strongest hero. He is an Archer-class servant, and he is known as the King of Heroes. He has more than one Noble Phantasm, but he primarily uses the Gate of Babylon.

This Noble Phantasm grants him access to the vault of treasures that he accumulated throughout his life, and many of them are mythical weapons used by other servants. While in battle, he summons these weapons through portals, and it is truly a sight to behold.

6 Kai Chisaki Can Manipulate Matter With His Overhaul Quirk (My Hero Academia)

There are plenty of terrible Quirks in My Hero Academia, but Overhaul is not one of them. This Emitter Quirk belongs to Kai Chisaki, and it gives him the ability to disassemble anything he touches. He can then reassemble it however he wishes.

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He basically has full control over matter, and when this ability is used on people, he can instantly kill them or permanently maim them. If he chooses to, he can also heal their injuries. This ability allows him to manipulate his surroundings during combat, and he can even merge with other bodies and regenerate his limbs.

5 Gojo Can Manipulate Space At Will With Limitless (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo is by far the most courageous sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen, which is understandable since he is regarded as the strongest in the world. He is the pride of the Gojo family because he managed to inherit the Six Eyes and the Limitless ability.

To put it simply, Limitless allows him to manipulate and alter space at will. An enemy trapped inside of it can be rendered catatonic because they are inundated with all the knowledge associated with infinity. Teleportation is possible, and if needed, the user can remove their target from reality and erase everything in their vicinity.

4 The Mangekyo Sharingan Provides Unique Designs & Abilities (Naruto)

The Sharingan is a staple of the Naruto series, and it is one of the strongest eye abilities in all of anime. An ordinary Sharingan allows its user to read their opponent’s movements, identify chakra, and copy any jutsu they see, but the Mangekyo Sharingan is even more powerful.

This advanced Sharingan can only be awakened if the user experiences a traumatic event. Abilities vary, but users have a chance to produce black flames from their eyes that cannot be extinguished normally, or create very powerful illusions. Some can travel through dimensions, while others can produce magnetic forces. Some can even produce colossal avatars that can change entire landscapes with a single attack.

Alchemy is the fundamental power used throughout Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and it requires its users to understand chemistry and physics. It comes in many forms, and many alchemists specialize in specific fields. Most alchemists use transmutation circles, but those who have viewed the Gate of Truth can perform alchemy without these circles.

With alchemy, a person can do just about anything as long as they understand the molecular makeup of an object and abide by the concept of equivalent exchange. Some can create weapons, while others can produce explosions or fire. They can even alter the terrain and deconstruct matter as they see fit.

2 Baraggan’s Senescencia Is Useful & Deadly (Bleach)

Each of the Espada in Bleach represented an aspect of death, and Baraggan represented old age and decay. His main ability is called Senescencia, and it allows him to slow time around him, which makes hitting him extremely difficult. He can also cause something to rapidly age by touching it with his hand.

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In its released form, Baraggan’s Senescencia gains an immense power-up. He can cause anything around him to age and deteriorate until nothing is left. Ranged attacks will die off before they can reach him, and melee attacks would be pointless.

1 Titan Shifting Grants Incredible Power (Attack On Titan)

Some believe that Attack on Titan has way too much action, but that is what happens when humanity is forced to deal with external threats and man-eating giants. A Titan Shifter is someone who can willingly transform into a Titan, but they can only do this if they’ve inherited one of the Nine Titans.

Depending on the Titan, someone can have enhanced endurance, enhanced speed, or even powerful jaws. One could potentially have an armored body or a body with animal characteristics. They could even produce hardened weapons or be a colossus that can essentially nuke an enemy stronghold. Some can even control other Titans. Shifters can heal most physical injuries, but they will die 13 years after acquiring their powers.

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