The 10 Best Quotes From The Minions Movies, Ranked

As of 2022, the Minions have two movies: minions and Minions: The Rise Of Gruz. The films feel geared toward a younger audience, and fans are split regarding how they feel about the franchise. The first film fell under heavy criticism, while the second had fans showing up to the theaters in suits.

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both minions movies have bits of comedic gold hidden inside of them that are able to get a laugh from audiences of all ages. The films are at their funniest when they are self-aware, and when they rely a lot on slapstick, sarcasm, and utterly ridiculous situations.

10 “Eventually, Bob’s Energy And Enthusiasm, But Mostly Lack Of Other Volunteers, Changed Kevin’s Mind.”

The Minions felt listless and sad with no villain to serve. In order to help his comrades, Kevin decided to go off on a journey to find the most evil villain possible to be their new master. Kevin asked for volunteers to join him on his quest, and there was only one. Bob was excited to help, but Kevin was less than impressed.

According to the narrator of Minions: The Rise Of Gruz, Kevin only caved in when he realized that there would be no other volunteers. This showed that most of the Minions were cowards, which explained why they were quick to join Kevin after accidentally killing another boss.

9 “All These Villains And Yet I Still Have The… Bear. Stuffed Bear. Why Am I Holding A Bear?”

Scarlet Overkill had earned a reputation for being one of the best villains in the business. When she offered to hire a henchman, everyone wanted to get the job. All they had to do was steal a ruby ​​from her hand. Scarlet easily fought off all the villains who charged at her.

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Against all odds, Bob, Stuart, and Kevin had the ruby ​​since Bob had swallowed it. This left Bob’s stuffed bear in Scarlet’s hand. Scarlet didn’t seem thrilled when she saw who won, but she held true to her word.

8 “Herb, Seriously. I Wanna Dig Up That William Shakespeare So He Can See What True Writing Is.”

When Scarlet returned to her castle, her husband, Herb, was there to greet her. He presented her with a little card with a bird on it, which told her that he missed her. He then proceeded to over-explain what the card meant, saying it wasn’t actually from a little bird, but it was from him since the H was his initial.

Instead of gagging as most of the audience did, Scarlet seemed delighted by his gesture, claiming that his way of stating the obvious was like poetry that would put Shakespeare’s writing to shame.

7 “Did You Just Trade My Future For A Pet Rock?!”

Gru stole the Zodiac Stone from the Vicious 6 in order to prove himself to them. He planned to return it, naively thinking that it would earn him a place in their group. He entrusted the stone to Otto, telling him to take it somewhere safe while he distracted the Vicious 6.

Gru was furious when he realized Otto traded it for something as useless as a pet rock. Otto was completely enamored with a simple rock with googly eyes, and fans couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the scene.

6 “Wow, My Favorite Villain Is Also My Kidnapper. This Could Be A Great Opportunity If You Don’t Kill Me.”

When Gru was captured by Wild Knuckles, he was torn between getting scared and being ecstatic. On one hand, Gru knew that his life was in terrible danger since he didn’t have the Zodiac Stone. On the other hand, Wild Knuckles was his favorite villain.

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Gru was excited to connect with Wild Knuckles, knowing that he had the potential to learn a lot of cool villain tricks. The scene was extremely ludicrous, but it was both cute and funny to see Gru’s child-like excitement. Most fans wanted to see these two bond more.

5 “If 48 Hours Of Disco Won’t Kill You, The Blade Will.”

When Wild Knuckles realized that Gru really didn’t have the stone with him, he told Gru’s Minions to bring the stone to his lair. He then tied Gru to a huge record player. It not only played music that Gru couldn’t stand, but it also spun him around until he was babbling and barely conscious.

The giant record player also slowly brought Gru closer to a deadly blade, but from his state later in the movie, the disco itself nearly did the trick. Thankfully, Wild Knuckles spared him from both the blade and the music.

4 “I Could Not Let You Get Eaten By Crocodiles. Even Though That Would Have Been Cool To Watch.”

Since Wild Knuckles’ henchmen quit on him, he decided to spare Gru’s life. He planned to pass on his villainous techniques to Gru. He first made Gru do his household chores, and when Gru was intimidated by the crocodiles, Wild Knuckles tried to show him how to clean the pool properly.

Wild Knuckles made a mistake during this process and almost got eaten. Gru actually saved him, which touched Wild Knuckles. Like a typical villain, Gru admitted that he kind of wanted to see the crocodiles eat him.

3 “I Cannot Wait To Fake My Own Death To Avoid The Authorities!”

Gru, Wild Knuckles, and the Minions defeated the Vicious 6 and turned them into rats. During the battle, Wild Knuckles was badly burned by the dragon Belle Bottom. At first, it didn’t seem like Wild Knuckles was going to pull through. Things looked particularly bleak when Gru was giving a speech at Wild Knuckles’ funeral.

Gru soon discovered that Wild Knuckles was alive, feeling both delighted and impressed. Gru was far too eager to fake his own death as well, expressing his excitement to break the law even further.

2 “That’s Not Evil Or A Talent.”

When the Minions were at Villain Con, Bob went to speak with a Villain Henchman Placement Specialist. When she asked to see his talents, he showed her his stuffed bear, making it dance. The dry, unimpressed delivery of this quote was what made it work so well.

Bob once again tried to prove himself by using some paper and scissors to cut out a scary face. This didn’t impress her either, This scene was made even more hilarious because the applicant right before Bob breathed fire on another Specialist.

1 “Poor Man. So Trusting. So Fragile. So, So Delicious.”

The Minions served many masters. One of their earliest masters was a caveman. Although the narrator said that the caveman was brighter than the other villains the Minions had served, this wasn’t really true. When the caveman was about to fight a bear, the Minions gave the caveman a tiny little flyswatter.

The caveman tried it out, doing absolutely no damage to the bear. He trusted the Minions too much, and in the next scene, he is seen inside the bear’s stomach. At least the Minions made the bear happy.

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