The 10 Best A24-Produced TV Series, Ranked By IMDb

It’s been recently announced that HBO Max and A24 are developing “Church Girls,” a comedy series helmed by Megan Stalter that will be centered around her own personal experiences coming of age. A24-produced projects all have their similarities but are almost always distinct in how they tell their stories. While the production company is known for producing and distributing indie films, the company has produced a handful of television series as well, which have both carved their place in pop culture and developed cult-like fanbases.

A24 has shown its ability to span multiple genres and its television productions are no different. Ranging from the classic studio-audience sitcom format to cinematic episodic dramas, there’s bound to be something for everyone, as these series have unique atmospheres along with intriguing stories to tell.


10 Moonbase 8 (2020) – 5.8

Astronauts of Moonbase 8

The last few years have seen a slew of astronaut-based comedy series with moon base 8 fitting the mould. Led by John C. Reilly, moon base 8 follows the story of three astronauts who try their luck at getting NASA to select them for a trip to the moon.

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While both viewers and critics are mixed on the series, the show gives a unique take on the workplace comedy genre and has moments of comedic breakthrough. As of 2022, the show hasn’t been canceled or renewed, so there is some potential that the series can find its footing in the near future.

9 Ziwe (2021 – ) – 6

Zwe hosting her show

Ziwe Fumudoh has hosted one of the more interesting talk shows in the last year, and A24’s only series of its kind. ziwe takes confrontational comedy and challenges her guests in many ways on a plethora of topics, including politics and guests’ respective controversies.

The series sets itself apart from other late-night talk shows, as it’s one of the few that brings a no-holds-barred approach to the genre and the cultural commentary that comes with it is incorporated seamlessly. Among the musical numbers and hilarious skits, ziwe has managed to bring on very well-known guests, including the likes of Hannibal Burress and Phoebe Bridgers.

8 Random Acts Of Flyness (2018 – ) – 6.4

Boy sitting on father's shoulders with titlecard

Since its debut, Random Acts of Flyness has used its trademark satirical lens to make intriguing episode after episode. Created by filmmaker Terrance Nance, the series executes dark humor and political satire in a fashion similar to other Afro-surrealist shows like FX’s Atlanta.

Though it’s been four years since Random Acts of Flyness was on TV, the A24 sketch-comedy series is set to premiere with its second season in September 2022. Viewers should expect plenty of new topics and another great slate of guest stars.

7 mr. Corman (2021) – 6.5

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Mr.  Corman

mr. Corman has had one of the shortest stays among A24-produced TV series, only lasting one 10-episode season. And yet, it remains one of its most grounded shows. Following Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Josh Corman, the series follows a former musician turned elementary school teacher who struggles to move on after a breakup with his fiance, Megan.

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The show provides an inside look into the lives of teachers that students never typically hear about and the balance between professional and personal lives. mr. Corman also incorporated a storyline involving the COVID-19 pandemic into its only season, giving a realistic portrayal of the initial anxiety that came with it.

6 Comrade Detective (2017) – 7.1

Man running across street in front of cars

A24 doesn’t have too many productions that strictly surround global politics, but the short-lived Comrade Detective is one of the few that does. The series begins when Channing Tatum and Jon Ronson (playing fictionalized versions of themselves) receive a VHS tape containing a Romanian government-created propaganda buddy cop series from the early ’80s.

The political satire series has plenty of hilarious moments and points to get across, as viewers get to see what is presented as a vintage foreign buddy cop series. Alongside great action sequences and solid writing, the series is arguably one of the most underrated political comedies of the last decade.

5 The Carmichael Show (2015 – 2017) – 7.6

The cast of the Carmichael Show

As Jerrod Carmichael has climbed the ranks of standup comedy over the last few years, one of his first mainstream TV roles was on The Carmichael Show, a fictional account of his own life. The show can take credit for boosting the careers of a handful of its cast, including Carmichael himself and co-star, Lil Rel Howery.

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The show had a three-season run and in that time, it was able to touch on plenty of relevant topics from mental health to racial discrimination. After Carmichael decided he wanted to move on to different projects, NBC canceled the series but it remains one of the best modern multi-camera sitcoms.

4 At Home With Amy Sedaris (2017 – 2020) – 7.8

Amy Sedaris in kitchen

In an era where surrealist comedy is becoming a popular subgenre, At Home with Amy Sedaris sees its star play numerous characters as she expresses her love for the things she loves the most. As Sedaris portrays a fictionalized version of herself, the series finds itself incorporating a handful of different television formats while keeping the hospitality-based environment of her home at the heart of the show.

Sedaris has played a wide range of characters in her career, including characters in both BoJack Horseman and the Star Wars universe. She shows the range she’s brought to other characters in almost every facet of the show and the star-studded slate of guest appearances compliments her performances perfectly.

3 I’m Sorry (2017 – 2019) – 7.9

Andrea Savage and her husband in I'm Sorry

Fresh takes on parenthood are typically intriguing to TV viewers and Andrea Savage’s I’m sorry gives her take in the form of a sitcom. The series centers on a comedy writer who finds herself struggling to balance being a parent, a spouse, and her career, while also self-reflecting through new and sudden situations.

Savage plays into the role extremely well and provides viewers with funny relationship dynamics from every aspect of her character’s life that the series covers. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after two seasons due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

2 Ramy (2019 – ) – 8

Ramy Youssef with his parents

Ramy follows life as experienced by main character Ramy Hassan and his journey in finding balance between his lifestyle and religion. Living in a politically divided New Jersey neighborhood only adds to his internal conflict, as self-discovery is at the forefront of the comedy-drama.

The Ramy Youssef-created series benefits from many factors including a solid overarching story, signature-A24 cinematography, and an amazing soundtrack. Youssef won a much-deserved Golden Globe for his performance in the show and after Hulu renewed the series for its third season, fans can continue on the journey of self-discovery with Ramy himself.

1 Euphoria (2019 – ) – 8.4

Euphoria Rue Hints At Season 3 Time Jump

Euphorias presence in pop culture is comparable to some of the biggest shows of the last decade. Seemingly every time a new episode premieres, the show is the biggest topic of the day on social media. Led by Zendaya, Euphoria follows the high school experience of Rue and the people around her, exploring mature topics and situations.

In its two seasons, the series hasn’t shied away from anything as the cast gives acclaimed performances that both critics and viewers alike are fond of. Though the series has taken its time between seasons, it didn’t take long to become the second most-watched show in HBO’s history, only trailing Game of Thrones.

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