Taylor Swift Has a Detailed Nashville Guide She Gives to Celebrities

For a long time, many people believed that Taylor Swift was a Nashville native. When the Grammy award-winning artist started her career, she was based in the capital of Tennessee. Furthermore, the accent that the singer adopted at the time had a distinctive twang. But Swift was actually born and raised in West Reading, Pennsylvania. She actually didn’t relocate to Nashville until she was a teenager.

Nashville homeowner Taylor Swift at the All Too Well premiere
Taylor Swift | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Why did Taylor Swift move from her hometown to Nashville?

But why did Swift and her family make the move to Music City? It was actually Swift herself who served as the catalyst for the relocation. From a young age, Swift had dreams of becoming a famous singer-songwriter. Since Nashville is largely considered the place to be for country music, the Swift family moved to give their daughter the best shot at her dreams. Shortly after their move, the folklore artist signed a record deal.

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