Defy Film Festival to Spotlight Homegrown Horror, Shorts and Weird Cinema | Movie/TV

The Defy Film Festival will celebrate experimental cinema this weekend at Studio 615 in East Nashville. This is Defy’s seventh year in Nashville, having established itself as an important screening stop for global filmmakers interested in deconstructing, remaking or simply doing without the narrative conventions of mainstream filmmaking. Expect everything from cracked cartoons and mangled … Read more

Film academy apologizes to Littlefeather for 1973 Oscars

NEW YORK Nearly 50 years after Sacheen Littlefeather stood on the Academy Awards stage on behalf of Marlon Brando to speak about the depiction of Native Americans in Hollywood films, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences apologized to her for the abuse she endured. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on Monday said … Read more

Cult movie nights are back in Denver at SIE FilmCenter

Andrew Scahill and Electra DuPri feel a duty — a calling, even — to get crafty. “We’ll have a merit-badge-crafting corner for our first film, ‘Troop Beverly Hills,’ ” said Scahill, an assistant professor in the English department at University of Colorado Denver, of his new film series with drag queen DuPri. “There will be … Read more

Gregg Araki on 30 years of his gay road trip movie, The Living End

For over three decades, the punk filmmaker Gregg Araki has pointed his camera in the direction of the outlier: towards depressed kids skulking around LA strip malls, shooting up under freeway overpasses and fucking in motel rooms. Gregg’s filmography, particularly his early projects, gels 90s queer subculture with hallucinatory fantasy; a horniness mixed with existential … Read more

Movie review: ‘Mack & Rita’ an age-swap comedy that lacks soul | Z-no-digital

Who doesn’t love Diane Keaton? Or frankly, want to be Diane Keaton? The Oscar-winning star has had a film and television career spanning six decades. She’s a fashion icon, and she’s done it all in her own singularly unique and quirky way. It’s not surprising then, that in the fantastical and fluffy comedy “Mack & … Read more

7 upcoming horror TV shows to stream in late 2022

The summer of 2022 has given us a multitude of messed up horror movies and left us in a constant state of fear; from Gen Z slasher Bodies Bodies Bodies and porn horror X and its sequel Pearlto the gross-out erotic body horror Crimes of the Future directed by David Cronenberg. We’ve also had some … Read more

Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival ramps up for its 35th anniversary

Linda Broker was immediately electrified by the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival — a concept she’d never seen or even heard about — when she moved to Colorado Springs in 1993. The event, celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, continues to be the longest-running women’s film event in the Western hemisphere, having survived on volunteers … Read more

“Emily the Criminal,” Reviewed: Good Script, Meh Movie

The writer-director hyphenate is the boon and the bug of independent filmmaking. Directors working with their own material are apt to create a more unified and personalized movie. But, because the writing of a script is mainly done at an artisanal leisure, and the film shoot itself (particularly on low budgets) is generally a hectic … Read more

All The Details On Camila Mendes & Maya Hawke’s Dark Comedy ‘Do Revenge’: From Plot…

11 August 2022, 17:36 Everything you need to know about Netflix’s ‘Do Revenge’. Picture: Netflix Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke are set to appear in the upcoming movie ‘Do Revenge’ – here is everything you need to know about the star-studded flick, from its impressive cast to gritty plot. And just like that, Netflix is … Read more

Nina Metz: It’s alarming when TV shows and movies vanish off streaming services, but there’s a long history of this | nation

Last week, HBO Max quietly pulled a number of TV and movie titles off its streaming service. They have been removed indefinitely, as far as anyone knows. While none were major hits, they’re not obscure either. They’re of recent vintage and feature big-name stars. Some of the shows affected: “Mrs. Fletcher” starring Kathryn Hahn, “Camping” … Read more