Lifetime ‘The Art of Passion’ Review: This story of love, lies and seduction will keep you on the edge

‘The Art of Passion’ is quite the captivating tale. The Lifetime flick is not only about a woman exploring her sexual side but also about her growing self-confidence and self-love after she stumbles upon the man of her dreams. It highlights her righteousness, which is quite amusing although it does get her in trouble. It … Read more

‘Love in the Limelight’ on Hallmark: Cast, date, plot, and latest buzz about romance movie

Hallmark’s ‘Love In The Limelight’ stars the real-life husband and wife, Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega, who were last seen starring together in Paramount’s ‘Mighty Oak’ in 2020. The movie is a reel representation of the real-life love story of Willie Aames and his wife Winnie Hung, the writers of the film. Ron Oliver’s last … Read more

Is Dane DiLiegro Dating Paula Abdul? ‘Prey’ star warns fans against ‘fraud info’

Paula Abdul and Dane DiLiegro walked together on the red carpet for ‘Prey’ on August 2, which led some fans to speculate that love might be in the air between them. This led to the rumor that the two are “all over each other” gaining ground, and the pair’s followers couldn’t get enough of them … Read more