‘Hotel for the Holidays’ Movie Review – A Christmas Romance

Things are cordial and breezy at Ron Oliver’s Hotel for the Holidays. The lights are soft and shine brightly, leaving no place for darkness (the night scenes, too, are well-lit). This means that no matter what happens, the troubles of the characters will never turn too serious and make the story gloomy. The faces are … Read more

Action Thriller Series ‘The Recruit’ Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

Netflix has revealed the premiere date and the trailer for the upcoming action-thriller series ‘The Recruit.’ Starring Noah Centineo in the leading role, ‘The Recruit’ will release on December 16 on Netflix, worldwide. THE RECRUIT centers around Owen Hendricks (Noah Centineo), a young CIA lawyer whose first week on the job is turned upside down … Read more

‘The Noel Diary’ Netflix Movie Review – Love Now and Forever

Jacob is a famous author with many best-selling books. People get swayed away by his writing style and his looks. A good mind and good looks, what else do women want? He’s a bomb combination of both. One day after the book signing event, he receives a call from his mother’s attorney. She passed away … Read more

‘The Griot’ Netflix Movie Review – A Tragic Love Story

The film starts with a man narrating a captivating story about a water demon and how she lured a person into her trap. Lakunle, the storyteller comes up with unique and good stories, but he doesn’t have the confidence to show his art to the world. He is secretly in love with Tiwa, a famous … Read more

‘2 Hearts’ Netflix Movie Review – A Heart-Breaking True Story of Four Lives!

2 Hearts, is a film that gives us a real-life story backed up by a lot of emotions. It was released in 2020 and it is available on Netflix to watch. The movie gives us two love stories and shows us how fate brought these four people together even though they lived miles apart, leading … Read more

‘Dinner at My Place’ Netflix Movie Review – Chaos and More Chaos

Dinner at My Place begins with Nonso, the lead character standing in a cemetery. He misses his mother, who passed away recently due to cancer. Because she didn’t have much time left, she bought a ring for Nonso’s future wife and wished for him to get the best life partner. The ring was very expensive … Read more

‘My Policeman’ Prime Video Movie Review – A Cold and Impersonal Love Story

There is a scene in Michael Grandage’s My Policeman where Patrick (David Dawson) describes all love stories as tragic. Upon hearing this, Marion (Emma Corrin, looking quite similar to Elisabeth Moss) holds Tom’s (Harry Styles) hand and says, “I hope not.” Taking a cue from these lines, this is precisely how I would describe My … Read more

‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Netflix Movie Review – Horrors of War

Edward Berger’s All Quiet on the Western Front, set in the closing years of World War I, sees war as a destructive machine and the soldiers as its cogs. This reading becomes apparent from the opening scenes, where dead soldiers’ uniforms are sewed up and passed on to new German recruits. One of them is … Read more

‘Nairobi Half Life’ Netflix Movie Review – City of Dreams or Land of Thugs?

Nairobi Half Life is about Mwas, a young boy from a village who makes his living by enacting scenes from Hollywood action films and selling their copies. He has a dream of becoming a famous actor and thus when a group comes to perform in their village, he reaches out to one of its members. … Read more

‘Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal’ Netflix Series Review – Adventure Around Latin America

Sue Perkins- Perfectly legal is a mini docuseries that has been released on Netflix in 2022. The host, Susan Elizabeth Perkins is a British comedy icon, who was famous in “The Great British Baking Show”. The 50-year-old does not want to get into the feeling of being stuck as she enters middle age. She embarks … Read more