Steven Spielberg’s Top 10 Adventure Movies, According to IMDB

Jurassic World: Dominion and Indiana Jones 5 are fast approaching as two of the biggest movies of this summer. The two upcoming films are the latest in iconic adventure franchises launched by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is one of the absolute kings of the adventure genre. Though he hasn’t made many in recent years, he was known for his unique brand of popcorn flicks that would come out almost every summer in the 80s.

Spielberg’s films always has at least an element of adventure to them, even the thrillers, comedies, and sci-fi flicks. And then there are the outright adventure films, such as the iconicIndiana Jones series. But which Spielberg adventure movies are the best of them all?


10 The Lost World – 6.5

As previously reported by Screen RantSpielberg was keen on getting a sequel made for Jurassic Park and even brainstormed original ideas that could be used. Author Michael Creighton was eventually convinced to do something he’d never done before, write a sequel. The final product combined ideas from both parties and was quite different in tone to that of the original film, though still a very enjoyable adventure film.

The story sees Ian Malcolm and a new group of companions explore the dinosaur infested Isla Sorna. It benefits from both Creighton’s writing and Spielberg’s usual magic to make it one of the best Jurassic Park sequels. Standout moments include the T-Rex RV attack, Roland Tembo’s dinosaur hunt, and the climax featuring a T-Rex loose in San Diego.

9 Hook – 6.8

Pirate movies were one of the staples of adventure cinema in decades past, and in 1991, Steven Spielberg brought his version of Peter Pan to the big screen. The film was intended to be a musical, but all the songs were thrown-out a week into filming, as reported by collider.

Robin William’s grow-up version of Peter Pan travels back to Neverland where he helps the lost boys in their never ending struggle against Captain Hook. There are great adventure moments such as Peter’s return to the Lost Boys camp and the swashbuckling finale. While not Spielberg’s highest rated film, it holds a special place in the hearts of movie-goers who saw it in theaters as children.

8 The Adventures of Tintin – 7.3

Iconic Belgian adventure comic Tintin was finally brought to the big screen through a 2011 animated film directed by Spielberg. He had been sitting on the film rights since the death of author Hergé in 1983. The film is a return to classic Spielbergian popcorn flicks and delivers great family fun.

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The film combines elements from several different Tintin stories and features a voyage to exotic locations. Spielberg is known for his love of long takes, but the CGI animated style of this film allowed for a memorable chase scene that could never be accomplished through live action. The film was to be followed by a sequel, but over a decade later there have been no developments.

7 Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom – 7.5

If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. The 1981 follow up to Raiders of the Lost Ark took the franchise in a different direction that saw Indy rescue kidnapped children from the devil-worshiping thugees. The darker tone reflected on the chaos in the lives of Spielberg and Lucas at the time, and Spielberg now considers it his least favorite Indiana Jones movie as reported by screenrant.

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But once the viewer reaches the scene where Short Round rescues Indy at the 1 hour 24 minute mark, the film is just non-stop action adventure goodness complete with a mine chase and the iconic rope bridge scene. Other great bits include a fight at a shanghai night club where Indy uses a gong to escape machine gun fire.

6 The Goonies – 7.7

Spielberg wrote a story called The Goonies about a group of kids searching for a lost pirate treasure to help save their neighborhood from greedy investors. Although Richard Donner directed it, Spielberg was heavily involved in numerous processes in regards to the film.

An incredible cast of young actors was assembled including Key Hu Quan from Temple of Doom and future Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin. The kids encounter Indiana Jones-style booby traps and other dangers as they race the Fratelli family for One-Eyed Willie’s Treasure. A beloved classic for all 80s kids.

Speaking of beloved 80s treasures, ET is one of the most unique and charming movies ever made. It’s a story about a young boy who takes in a lost extra-terrestrial being hunted by the US government. The concept has been duplicated by numerous films over the years, but Spielberg’s thoughtful approach to every aspect of the film help it to stand out as an all time classic.

The adventure aspect really takes off in the third act when the local kids use their bicycles to escape from the feds. Longtime Spielberg collaborator John Williams provides a moving soundtrack to accompany the exciting chase. And the sight of flying bicycles silhouetted against the moon is as iconic as it gets.

4 Jaws – 8.1

The film that made Spielberg a household name featured a giant great-white shark terrorizing the vacation town of Amity Island. A masterclass in “monster” film making, Spielberg’s directing choices are still studied by film students to this day.

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There are great thrills and character moments throughout, but again, the later stages of the film is where the adventure aspect picks up. Brody, Quint, and Hooper sail out into the open sea in search of troublesome shark. The audience gets to watch their efforts and things slowly evolve from a confident hunt to “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” and beyond.

3 Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade – 8.2

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is an absolute triumph in sequel making. It was a common trope that the third film in a trilogy is usually the weakest, but Indy 3 turned all of them on its head with its released in 1989. To this day, fans are still debating whether it or Raiders of the Lost Ark is the best Indy movie.

Like the original Indiana Jones adventure, Last Crusade sees the man in the hat take on Nazis in a globe-spanning race for a biblical artifact. What separates this one from the rest of the series is the addition of Sean Connery as Indy’s Dad, the best supporting character in the franchise. The relationship between the two characters adds tremendous heart and importance to the films climax.

2 Jurassic Park – 8.2

Dinosaur’s wreck havoc after escaping from an amusement park. That brilliant concept was all Steven Spielberg needed to hear to engage in a bidding war with James Cameron for the films rights to Michael Creighton’s then unpublished novel Jurassic Park, as earlier reported by screenrant.

The movie was every dinosaur-loving kids dream come true! In addition to his usual magic touch, Spielberg brilliantly utilized the best of both practical effects and state of the art CGI to present believable dinosaurs. The incredible T-Rex attack scene is one of the all-time iconic moments of the franchise which will see its 6th installment released summer 2022.

1 Raiders of the Lost Ark – 8.4

The greatest Steven Spielberg adventure movie is the greatest adventure movie of all time. Spielberg’s involvement in Raiders stemmed from his desire to direct a James Bond movie. George Lucas boasted to him that he had something better than Bond, which was inspired by the adventure serials of the 1930s.

Filmed at a surprisingly modest budget, it utilized old school film making tricks and incredible stunt work. The opening scene in the booby-trapped Chachapoytan temple and the breathtaking desert chase sequence are the gold standard of adventure film sequences. Raiders has often been described as the perfect film and fans are counting the days till they’ll get to see their favorite archeologist again in Indiana Jones 5.

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