Star Wars Future Movies Include Rey, Jedi Temples and the Unknown Regions

so far, Star Wars fans have had a pretty good year. The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi debuted to huge success, and Andor will likely follow suit. Meanwhile, on the animated side, Tales of the Jedic and The Bad Batch Season 2 are on the docket for late 2022. And Star Wars also released a couple of novels, including brotherhood and Shadow of the Sithas well as its usual litany or comic book releases.

Unfortunately, with all of those bells and whistles, Star Wars has quietly downplayed its lack of movie content. It’s been nearly three years since The Rise of Skywalker, with no plans on the horizon for future installations. Rian Johnson’s trilogy isn’t on Lucasfilm’s immediate radar, Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron has seemingly gotten canned, and Taika Waititi’s film is untitled and unscripted.

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All of that has left fans of Star Wars cinema twiddling their thumbs and making do with Disney+ series. Of course, that’s not bad, but Star Wars belongs in the theatre. That’s the only place where anyone can really feel the full effects of the galaxy far, far away. Thankfully, there is hope because Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation just dropped a hint about the future of Star Wars movies.

The spoof was about Finn, Rey and the other Resistance heroes right after The Rise of Skywalker. They all went on a vacation before going their separate ways, and they had to learn how to have fun with each other. Granted, it was an elementary concept, but Disney and Lucasfilm might have let the cat out of the bag in regards to the franchise’s future plans.

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Near the movie’s conclusion, Finn talked with Princess Leia’s Force Ghost. He was concerned that everyone was about to go their own way, saying that he would look for more Force-sensitive people while Rey would search for Jedi Temples in the Unknown Regions. Meanwhile, Poe got slated to train new X-wing pilots, and Rose was planning on leading relief missions for the New Republic. while Summer Vacation isn’t really canon, Finn’s words still gave a pretty good idea about what happened following The Rise of Skywalker.

However, what Finn said may not be simple conjecture about what happened in a post-Sequels world. at Star Wars Celebration, Kathleen Kennedy specified that future Star Wars movies would take place after The Rise of Skywalker. when talking to Empireshe said, “We’re moving further beyond the existing sequels as we look to our movie space. [The sequel era] is what we talk a lot about in terms of where we’re going with our movies, and just how far out from that we’ll go. That’s very much the space we’re concentrating on.”

While Kennedy’s words don’t nail anything down, they could mean focusing on Rey and Finn’s Jedi journeys — and that would be a good move. Embracing Finn’s status as a Jedi would appease fans after Finn drew the short stick in the sequels. And sending Rey into the Unknown Regions would provide plenty of story fodder because there’s no telling what she could find. Whether Summer Vacation accurately predicted the future of Star Wars movies or not, hopefully, Rey and Finn’s stories will receive further attention at some point.

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