Spawn Movie Costume Design Details Revealed by Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx reveals what fans can expect in the costume design for the upcoming Spawn movie from creator, writer, and director Todd McFarlane.

Jamie Foxx reveals costume design details for the upcoming spawn movie from Todd McFarlane. Spawn and his alter ego, Albert Francis Simmons, are original superhero/antihero characters created by McFarlane in 1992 for Image Comics. In 2020, it was announced that Foxx would be playing the role in an upcoming spawn reboot directed by McFarlane. Foxx is no newcomer to the world of comic book movies, having played Electro, aka Max Dillon, in The Amazing Spider Man 2, and more recently in Spider Man: No Way Home.

A 1997 spawn film directed by Mark AZ Dippe starred Michael Jai White in the title role. That same year, an animated series titled Todd McFarlane’s Spawn premiered on HBO and ran for 2 years with Keith David voicing the lead role. In the 1997 film, Spawn’s look, in particular his iconic cape, differed slightly from the comic book source material. In both the comics and McFarlane’s animated series, Spawn’s red cape has a collar resembling devil horns, with its pointed ends sticking upright despite their dramatic length. The 1997 spawn live-action film alters this collar with more of a gradual gradient similar to that of an extended Dracula collar.


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Now in an interview with ComicBook.comFoxx shares details regarding what the costume for the upcoming spawn reboot will look like. Foxx notes that a final official image for the live-action character is not yet available, as McFarlane is meticulously tinkering with the look. Foxx has seen several images of concept art for the character, and teases that the cape in the upcoming film will be, “as big as the screen that you’re watching.” A full quote from Foxx on the Spawn costume design can be read below:

“I’ve seen a lot of concepts. Because Todd, what he does is, every single day he’s doodling and he’s fixing and he’s doing some things that, to me, I think it’s gonna be like way out when you see it. And how he crafts that cape and how that cape becomes almost like – I’ll say this – as big as the screen that you’re watching.”

Spawn Character Created by Todd McFarlane

Whether the upcoming film will feature a cape with a collar closer to the comics, the 1997 animated series version, the 1997 live-action film, or a design completely original from McFarlane remains to be seen. One thing for certain is that McFarlane is taking his time with designing the look that Foxx will eventually wear, and fans can expect a cape of epic proportions. Another design detail fans can look forward to is seeing how the special effects team is going to accomplish Spawn’s signature glowing green eyes.

While it may be a while until the public sees McFarlane’s final design, the fact that the creator is approaching it so meticulously is a good sign for the film. Although costumes can now be altered through CGI and other visual effects, it will be an exciting day when audiences finally are able to get a peek at what the physical final costume is that Foxx will be wearing as this new version of Spawn. Viewers will have to keep an eye out for updates regarding how the costume for McFarlane’s upcoming spawn movie progresses in the coming months.

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