smith: Will Smith gets support from daughter about Oscars slapping incident

Will Smith‘s daughter Willow Smith has supported her father over the infamous slapping incident during the Academy Awards ceremony. The 53-year-old Men in Black actor slapped American comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars, and the incident garnered much attention. Willow said it is “humanness” to commit errors as Will Smith charged onto the stage and slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards this year. The slap was a joke by Rock on Smith’s wife’s haircut.

She said that she accepts her family and loves them for all their humanness. She reiterated that she sees her family as being human. She added that due to their position, their humans aren’t conducive to being honest and healthy human life.

Chris Rock’s comparison of Jada Pinkett Smith’s haircut with that of GI Jane’s buzzcut angered Will Smith. Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia and has a bald head. Willow noted that the spotlight on her family after the incident does not affect her as much as her internal demons.

The comments came in the wake of yet another apology by Will Smith on social media. He said that his behavior was unacceptable and apologized to Chris Rock.

Will said that it is his major trauma to disappoint people, and he hates when he lets anyone down. He added that it hurts him emotionally and psychologically when he doesn’t live up to other people’s impressions and images of him. Will Smith apologized and said he was ready to talk with Chris Rock whenever he wanted.

However, Chris Rock has clarified that he does not want to talk to Will Smith. He addressed the situation in brief in some of his comedy gigs.

Pride Month 2022: 15 Celebs Who Are Out And Proud

Out, Proud & Authentic

In recent years, Hollywood has done some phenomenal work to explore the sensitive topic of homosexuality. From shows like ‘Sex Education, ‘Tales Of Cities’ to movies like ‘Call Me By Your Name’, ‘The Half Of It’ to songs like ‘I Will Survive’, ‘I’m Coming Out all bring forth the queer narrative that until very recently wasn’t depicted in popular culture.

In the past years, many celebrities have struggled with considerable homophobia when they first came out publicly. Actor Michael Kearns and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres faced huge backlash and hatred when they announced that they were gay. However, they dared to be who they are publicly, and many followed suit. From Billy porter to Elton John, Several Hollywood celebrities not only paved the way for the current crop of celebs to live more free lives but also showed the general public that they too can come out without apprehension or fear.

The fight against gender and orientation stereotypes is far from over, even in a progressive space like Hollywood. But, there is now a newer generation of celebrities who are out and proud and giving a voice to queer issues and speaking up against discrimination. Here’s a look at them.

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