Six romance movies to celebrate that spring feeling | culture

Whether you’ve found your spring fling or not, you can still indulge in spring romance movies to fulfill your sun lovin’ lust. From sappy rom-coms to dramatic twists, these romance movies are dire to add to your bucket list.

“You’ve Got Mail”

If you find yourself swiping left and right all night long searching for your soulmate online, it might be time to take a break and enjoy a classic romance movie. This 1998 romantic comedy may have old-fashioned technology, but digital love never goes out of style. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in the movie. Their two characters find themselves falling in love online, but not so much in person. Can their loathing of each other be dismissed for the love they feel online, or are their personalities just too incompatible? “You’ve Got Mail” is available on HBO Max.


Spring romance doesn’t always have to be about searching for your better half. Perhaps you need to be focusing on falling in love with yourself. Danielle Macdonald stars as Willowdean in this 2018 coming-of-age comedy where she decides to join her mother’s (Jennifer Aniston) beauty pageant. Based on Julie Murphy’s 2015 novel, Willowdean isn’t exactly the cookie-cutter version of the other contestants and is aching to prove her own mother wrong. This movie will affirm — with the help of Dolly Parton drag queens — that the first step to confidence is self-love. “Dumplin’” is available on Netflix.

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Although this trilogy might be aimed for a teenage generation, these movies remind you to get in touch with that feeling you had when you fell for your first crush. Lana Condor stars in this teen romance as Lara Jean, who finds that young love doesn’t always mean happily ever after. Through heartbreak, puppy love and endless embarrassment, Lara has to learn the hardships that come along with the cheerfulness in relationships. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is available on Netflix.

“Hope Springs”

Romance isn’t just for adolescents and newlyweds. This 2012 romantic comedy-drama is all about how you’re never too old to learn the exercises of a healthy marriage. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones star in this film where their characters must learn how to rekindle the spark and passion that brought them together over 30 years ago. This movie will help you learn the fundamentals of marriage through laughter, especially with Steve Carell as the couple’s marriage counselor. “Hope Springs” is available on Amazon Prime Video.

“Letters to Juliet”

Sometimes, helping others pursue their epic love story is how you’ll finally find your own Romeo and Juliet tale. In this 2010 romantic drama, Amanda Seyfried stars as Sophie, who finds a heartbroken letter from 1957 bringing her to a now elderly woman yearning for her long-lost lover. This emotional and beautiful movie reminds viewers not to wait 50 years to find the love of their life. Instead, take a leap of faith and go after the one your heart desires. “Letters to Juliet” is available on The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime and Hulu.

“Crazy Rich Asians”

For richer or for poorer … and in this case, for richer. In this 2018 movie, “mo’ money, mo’ problems” leads to an overbearing mother inserting herself into her son’s new relationship when she believes Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) isn’t good enough for her only son. This romantic comedy-drama sends Rachel into a ruthless bloodbath when she thought she was attending a wedding with her boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding) in his hometown of Singapore. Only then does she find out she wasn’t dating a New York history professor, but instead, Asia’s most eligible bachelor with billions of dollars to his name. “Crazy Rich Asians” is available on HBO Max.


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