Six New Horror Movies Releasing at Home This Week Including Netflix’s ‘Incantation’!

With 4th of July Weekend behind us, we’re now deep in the heart of summer, with big screen releases including Jordan Peele’s nope and A24s Bodies Bodies Bodies to look forward to.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. It’s the first full week of July 2022, and six brand new horror movies are releasing right into your living room in the coming days…

Here’s all the new horror arriving July 5-July 10, 2022!

First up, Screen Media Ventures has released 11th Hour Cleaning today, July 5. The film marks the feature directorial debut for Ty Leisherand it’s now available on Digital VOD.

In the movies…

“A group of crime scene cleaners who struggle to escape a murder house. After becoming trapped by an ancient Nordic demon hell-bent on driving them insane, they must face their most personal regrets and fears through horrific hallucinations. As they uncover what truly happened to the murder victims, they struggle to escape their own deaths by finding and destroying pieces of a relic from Norse mythology that gives the demon power.”

Chloe Brooks (Embed), Eddie Finlay (2 Fast 2 Furious), Anita Leeman-Torres (Speed ​​Kills), Ed Morrone (Final Kill) and Dave Baez (“Dexter”) star.


Bobby Easley presents a new take on the work of horror master HP Lovecraft with HP Lovecraft’s Witch Housewhich was also released on DVD and Digital today, July 5th.

In the movies…

“Graduate student Alice Gilman (Portia Chellelynn) is running from an abusive past. She seeks refuge in the infamous Hannah house; a historic home with an ominous past. Determined to prove the possibility of alternate dimensions, she unknowingly unlocks a gateway to unimaginable horror.

“Facing a series of bizarre and violent events, Alice is plagued by nightmarish dreams of these evil entities. Trapped between the 4th dimension and reality, the diabolical truth is revealed as Alice fights for her sanity and her very soul.”

Based on HP Lovecraft’s short story “The Dreams in the Witch House”, Witch House promises to blur the boundaries between reality, dreams…and the beyond.

Danny Trejo stars in the monster movie The Prey: Legend of Karnoctuscoming to Digital on Thursday, July 7th. Eric and Matthew Hensman directed the retro creature feature.

In the 80s-style action/monster movie, “US Soldiers on patrol in a war-torn Afghanistan become trapped in a cave after barely surviving a rebel ambush, as they search for a way out they are hunted down by a deadly creature the locals call KARNOCTUS!”

The brothers noted in the film’s Indiegogo campaign, “This is a true Indie-film effort with no studio support. The creation of the monster, principal photography, special FX, CGI, and some post-production were all done in-house… Literally in a garage in Anaheim, California. But we think you’ll be amazed at the big production feel that’s been achieved.”

Mark MeirFaustian’s morality tale The Summonedacquired by XYZ Films out of this year’s Overlook Film Festival, is heading to VOD platforms on Thursday, July 7, 2022.

In the movie, young Elijah (J. Quinton Johnson) attends a self-help retreat with his rockstar girlfriend Lyn, unaware that the enigmatic doctor who runs the estate has summoned him here to settle a generations-old supernatural debt.

Directed by Meir with a script by Jewish-Ukrainian writer Yuri Baranovsky, the cast includes Emma Fitzpatrick (The Social Network), Salvador Chacon (FX’s “Mayan’s MC”), Angela Gulner (Netflix’s “Glow”), and Freddy Douglas.

A brand new Shudder Exclusivethe horror movie On the 3rd Day is headed to Shudder on Thursday, July 7, and the official trailer for the religious horror movie is found below.

In the movies…

“While on a trip with her young son, Cecilia has a car accident. Three days later, she finds herself wandering a lonely road with no sign of her child – and no memory of what happened since the crash. Cecilia’s desperate search for her son leads her on a wrenching and tumultuous journey to face off against a religious fanatic who holds the shocking key to it all.”

Mariana Anghileric, Octavio Belmonte, Federico Aimetta and Susana Beltran star.

Daniel de la Vega . On the 3rd Daywritten by Alberto Fasce and Gonzalo Ventura.

The final new horror release for the week is Kevin Koc‘s Incantationwhich uncovers a cursed video on Friday, July 8. The Taiwanese found footage movie comes exclusively to Netflix.

The film was released theatrically in Taiwan in March and has been described as the “scariest Taiwanese film ever,” reports THR.

Inspired by a true story involving a family of cult worshipers in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the film was shot in a mockumentary style interspersed by found footage and actors breaking the fourth wall to address the audience. The IMDb synopsis heeds the following warning:

“This is a cursed video, it might contain certain risks to watch; For those who dare to follow, please solve the puzzle of my daughter’s curse with me.”

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