Should There Be More Child’s Play Movies?

Horror fans have loved Chucky the evil doll for several decades now. Ever since Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) with him in the 1988 film Child’s Play, Chucky has become a classic villain, the kind of character who endures no matter what new films come out. Chucky sticks out from others as he talks, jokes, and has a vibrant personality. Even knowing that he’s a killing machine, audiences can’t help but want to watch him for hours as there’s something endearing about him.

With season 2 of the SyFy series Chucky premiering soon, fans are curious if there will be more films in the Child’s Play franchise, and there are a few reasons why this might not be the best idea.


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The 2019 Child’s Play is a poor reboot, and it’s the eighth movie in the franchise. With the well-received and well-done TV series Chucky, fans of the evil doll franchise are curious about whether there will be more movies. In 2021, Don Mancini told Entertainment Weekly that there could be more films: “We have plans to do that, whether in lieu of additional seasons of the series, or in tandem with [them], potentially. We’re creating a broader Chucky universe with the TV series that now could span over different media.”

As fans get ready for season 2 of Chucky in October 2022, it’s tough to imagine more Child’s Play movies, as the TV series offers an intelligent and compassionate look at a teenager’s regular life… a life that happens to have been disrupted by the familiar and beloved killer doll Chucky. When comparing the TV series to the eight movies that came before it, one thing stands out: the fact that the movies have a campier tone. While this works and it’s what makes the films so fun and entertaining to watch, it’s great the TV series is able to blend serious topics affecting teenagers with an enjoyable horror story. When Chucky approaches his victims and kills them, it’s chilling to see, as the show gets violent and terrifying.

It’s hard to know what a future Child’s Play movie could be about as the TV show is delving into so many topics. Seed Of Chucky was ahead of its time and explored Chucky and Tiffany’s child Glen/Glenda. Lachlan Watson will play Glen/Glenda in season 2 of the TV series, which will allow the series to talk about gender identity. Season 1 talks about popularity as Alyvia Alyn Lind’s character Lexy Cross explores how to become a better person, along with family dynamics, sibling rivalry, and the devastating loss of a parent. Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) is a stand-out character and it’s really moving watching him learn more about himself and deal with his dad’s death.

It’s also worth nothing that while some films are great, others feel lackluster, so it can’t be said that every film in the franchise is worth watching. The original 1988 movie is fun and Bride Of Chucky (1998) is also enjoyable, but Cult of Chucky (2017) takes place at an asylum and there’s not much to love here. This brings up the question of what a future film would be about and how it could compare to previous entries. If there is more story to be told in the Child’s Play universe, it should take the form of more Chucky seasons as this is the best format. Since it’s a TV series, the episodes can examine how the characters relate to and deal with Chucky while also creating horrifying cliffhangers at the end of each hour. This has been really effective and viewers are loving the series, and it has an 84% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, along with a 91% rating on the Tomatometer.

It’s also hard to root for another Child’s Play movie after the 2019 reboot. There was a lot of anticipation for it, especially when fans learned that Aubrey Plaza would be playing a main role, as she’s a beloved actress who is talented when playing both comedic and dramatic characters. But instead, the film falls completely flat, making Chucky an AI robot instead of a legitimate threat who really feels dangerous. Like some of the worst horror movie remakes, the movie isn’t scary at all, and it doesn’t feel like it was a necessary addition. Thanks to both this dull remake and the impressive storytelling of the TV series, it’s hard to make a case for another film about Chucky.

While there will always be an audience for stories about Chucky, it feels like the SyFy series is filling that need. The series is smart, creative, and really cares about its characters, which sets a high bar for Child’s Play movies. It’s tough to imagine another movie being as great as the show is.

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