Sci-Fi Anime With Best World Building

The worlds of anime are vast and plentiful in culture and depth; many anime create beautiful worlds that complement the story and give the viewer more than just flashy animation and fan service. The process of creating a fictional world in which a story resides is called world-building and is a vital aspect of an anime series and can decide if well received or not; a poorly crafted universe will leave fans scratching their heads, losing interest fast.

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Sci-fi anime is a genre that relies on its world-building a fair amount more than others; the universe is an ever-expanding thing, and with so much to work with, it can be difficult to maintain cohesion. Luckily enough, most sci-fi anime shine when it comes to the world they have to offer; here are some sci-fi anime that have awesome world-building.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a magnificent space drama that circles around war and politics and brings them together in a brilliant story. The story of the series follows a young and ambitious young man who places himself into an intergalactic conflict with hopes of unifying the universe.

When the peace between the galactic empire and the free planet alliance begins to falter, Von Reinhard attempts to climb the hierarchy of the empire and battle the constant political death match. He and his childhood friend Siegfried must tackle challenges across infinite amounts of space with one arm tied behind their back.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Not many series have risen to the levels of success like the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise; created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, Mobile Suit Gundam is a massive series composed of dozens of series set in multiple different timelines.

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The primary universe, known as “Universal Century,” is where the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime is set and consist of several series with sensational stories. The original series follows a young man named Amuro Ray as he is dragged into an interstellar war between the Earth Alliance and the wrath of Zeon. gundam does a masterful job of exploring the consequences of war while displaying breathtaking action in the form of planetary battles.

Code Geass

Code Geass is a very unique series that meshes the mecha and drama genres beautifully in a story of familial betrayal and revenge. Lelouch is a high-born prince who was cast out by his father after witnessing the murder of his mother. As Lelouch matures, he lives a simple life as a high school student but is always plotting his way to exact his revenge against the man that wronged him and the rest of the royal family.

However, things change when Lelouch obtains a strange power after encountering a beautiful young girl; his new ability to command others is just the tool he needed to begin his assault on the leaders of the nation of Britannia.


Trigun combines the western and sci-fi genre in an action-packed adventure following the outlaw Vash the Stampede; set on a baron world called Gunsmoke, the human race has barely survived after fleeing Earth to find a better world with bountiful resources. Unfortunately, after a tragic accident, the colony ships carrying humanity crashed on a random planet, and now only a fraction of the population survives.

Vash the Stampede is the man with a sixty-billion double dollar bounty on his head known as the humanoid typhoon who brings destruction wherever he goes. Vash’s journey is a war of attrition; Vash refuses to kill, but everything in the universe pushes him to make the ultimate choice and take a life. The world of Trigun is a scientific wonder as humankind has evolved and developed new technology and energy sources called plants that defy nature to create living power sources. Recently, a new Trigun series has been announced that fans are greatly anticipating.

Ghost In The Shell

Ghost in the Shell is a decade-long franchise that consists of several anime adaptations and four feature films. The story follows Major Motoko Kusanagi, an enhanced cyborg who works for a secret organization out of Japan called Section 9. Motoko is a particular individual with a unique stance on her own existence; the series explores her missions as a spec-ops agent while diving into the complication of cyberterrorism and human-to-machine relations.

How far is too far, and what are the true ramifications when the mind leaves its mortal shell. The rich lore within the Ghost in the Shell universe is masterly crafted and maintains a high level of depth newcomers are sure to enjoy.


on the surface, Gantz is a bloody and mind-bending experience that follows a small group of mismatched citizens who all have the same thing in common, they’re all dead. But, after their death, they wake up in a new place where they are now a part of a sinister game beyond their comprehension.

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Kei Kurono must lead a group of misfits like himself to survive a round of man-eating demons and cosmic horror monstrosities. The series dives headfirst into different dimensions, eldritch gods, and time travel while filling the streets of Tokyo with blood and guts from those who don’t have what it takes to survive.

Alita Battle Angel

Alita Battle Angel is a futuristic thrill ride that takes place in the distant future where cyborgs, interstellar travel, and advanced technology now rule the world. A utopian city called Zalem sits high above the former green field-filled Earth, now just a baron mass of trash and mechanical junk.

Alita, a cyborg, is found amongst the garbage in a devastatingly damaged state by a genius doctor who repairs her and gives her a name and a new body. Unfortunately, this triggers a chain of events bringing back old wounds from Alita’s war-torn past that she doesn’t even know she has.

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya or Knights of the Zodiac is an enormous series with an equally enormous following; initially released in the late 80s, Saint Seiya has stood the test of time like great series such as Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. Following Seiya, who is drafted into the Knights of the Zodiac as the Pegasus knight of Athena along with several others who now must protect the world and face off against rogue knights, territorial gods, and cosmic entities.

However, saint Seiya is more than just a Sentai anime; it expands into an enormous collection of characters, regimes that place brother against brother and sees the most extraordinary heroes become the most sinister villains.

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