Russo Brothers Accidentally Explain Why They Were Perfect For Marvel

From developing comedy series to directing action blockbusters, the Russo brothers reveal how they can comfortably shift between film genres.

Anthony and Joe Russo shared their thoughts about what’s it like to direct comedies as compared to making action films such as The Gray Manincidentally revealing why they were a perfect fit for the MCU. The Netflix action thriller is the latest project by the creative duo known collectively as the Russo brothers. Based on the eponymous spy novel by Mark Greaney, The Gray Man features an ensemble cast including Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas. The film premiered on the streaming platform on July 22. Despite mixed reviews, Netflix reported that it was the most-watched movie in 84 countries within its first three days of release.


The Gray Man is the third directorial project from the Russo brothers after their successful stint in the MCU, having directed four films beginning with Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014 and ending with Avengers: Endgame in 2019. These superhero movies grossed around $6 billion worldwide, making the tandem filmmakers two of the most commercially successful and sought-after directors today. Before these box-office hits, the Russo brothers worked on comedies such as You, Me and Dupree (2006), Arrested Development (2003-2005), and Community (2009-2014).

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In a recent interview for Tag Heuer’s The Edge podcast, the Russo brothers talked about the similarities between working on comedies and action movies. According to the duo, comedy and action are very similar despite their contrasting elements. This is why they’ve been able to make the transition from one genre to the other quite comfortably, calling it a “natural progression” in their professional career. Read their full statement below:

Comedy and action are very similar. We spent a long time doing comedy. It’s all about geography, it’s all about spatial awareness, it’s all about where things go in the frame. Comedy is you have to prep it, you have to prep the physical gag in comedy. You have to prep the physical in an action movie, you know. And it requires a level of precision and safety and stunt teams. So it’s sort of a natural progression for us in our careers to go from shows like Arrested Development and Community to Winter Soldier and The Gray Man.

Throughout their almost three decades of making movies, the Russo brothers have been able to expand their repertoire as filmmakers and demonstrate their diversity as masters of cinema. Currently, the two are attached to a roster of projects that will showcase their versatility as filmmakers, producers, and scriptwriters. These include a sequel to Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction, a spy series entitled Citadel for Amazon Prime, and a live-action film adaptation of Disney’s Hercules.

Since starting out making comedy films and series, Anthony and Joe Russo have more than proven their brilliance in creating exhilarating action movies. Through their MCU titles, the duo has delivered some of the most memorable fight scenes in movie history and set the tone for future superhero movies. They continue this tradition with their recent releases such as Extraction and The Gray Man. While they may have found the sweet spot in this genre, moviegoers can expect the two to continue to experiment with other film genres and provide fans with top-notch entertainment. It will be exciting to see what else they come up with on-screen and how they intend to wow audiences with their talent behind the camera.

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