Review: ‘Uncharted’ is one to watch if you like action-packed adventure movies

Review: 'Uncharted' is one to watch if you like action-packed adventure movies

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Being a big fan of adventure and action movies like “National Treasure” and “Indiana Jones,” I thought “Uncharted” would be right up my alley. The movie is based on a video game, so I was interested to see how that would play on screen.Shockingly, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.


Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland, is approached by a man who asks him to help find a lost treasure, claiming it may lead to finding his lost brother. Will they find the treasure and Nathan’s brother before someone else does?

What I loved

I thought the plot and characters in this film were interesting, and I enjoyed the storyline as well. I especially liked Nathan Drake’s character, but I may be a bit biased because I like Tom Holland’s acting a lot, but I do think that he brings good energy to this role.

There was also a good amount of humor in this film, as I found myself laughing a lot at both the good and bad jokes. It seemed like the film gave a lot of room for humor, but the actors also did a good job at making the jokes land.

There were a lot of extreme action sequences that really make your jaw drop. Throughout the film there are a lot of scenes where you’re like, “How is that possible a human can do that”, but it’s so fun to watch these extremes. The high points of the action were over the top and really made the movie more enjoyable.

What I didn’t love

A good amount of things in the movie didn’t seem realistic (or possible). Now I understand there needs to be a little bit of exaggeration with the imagination in most films, but if most of your movie plots consist of unbelievable things when the film is set in the present day, then the line gets blurry for believability in general. Now I don’t want to spoil a lot, but part of Nathan’s backstory make you wonder how he has such nice things, and also the technology in this film is over the top.

It just felt like the movie was missing something. Don’t get me wrong, I liked this movie, but I didn’t love it. It felt like it needed more of something, maybe some more action or drama. I’m not entirely sure why, but parts of the film felt stagnant to me. Maybe it has to do with the movie being so similar to every other adventure movie with a treasure to find, but it just felt fine, not great.


I thought this movie was good, but didn’t quite reach the rating of great. If you like treasure hunt movies I suggest you see this one because it’s definitely worth the watch. I’m just not sure I’d personally watch it over again like I do with the “National Treasure” or “Indiana Jones” films. I have to say this movie does make me want to play the video game and see how they compare to each other.

I give Uncharted a 4 out of 5.

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