‘Real to Reel’ exhibit to showcase Texoma cinematic history

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – A one-of-a-kind exhibit is coming to the Museum of North Texas History for its annual regional museum network exhibition.

The theme is Real to Reel, North Texas in Limelight that will highlight cinematic history in the region.

12 area museums will be showcasing their collections and highlighting its impact on area communities. Participants range from Nocona, to Archer City, and even Clay and Baylor counties. Everyone involved is excited to walk down the red carpet of cinematic history across Texoma.

“We are very excited that we will be presenting the regional museum network group exhibition Real to Reel at the Museum of North Texas History opening September 1,” Amber Day-Scott, Programs Manager for the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture said.

Multiple places across Texoma are clicking their clapperboards, ready to highlight important history at this year’s regional museum network exhibition.

“You will see a lot of stuff about the Isis Theater, which was in Wichita Falls,” Madeleine Calcote-Garcia, Executive Director at the Museum of North Texas History said. “It was built on the east side of Wichita Falls for the Black community because they couldn’t attend the other theaters in downtown Wichita Falls because we were still segregated. We are really excited to share this with our visitors and we know that the rest of the museums will have some amazing things as well.”

“The tales and trails museum in Nocona,” Day-Scott said. “They are going to be exploring what happened after the release of the movie urban cowboy within their community where the Nocona Boot Company is a huge part of their local economy and what that impact was.”

Some of their inspiration for deciding on this theme was the effects from the pandemic.

“I think that theaters are something that we previously have taken for granted,” Calcote-Garcia said. “During the pandemic obviously we couldn’t attend them so I think a lot of people were very happy when they opened back up again. They are really important pieces of the community and so I think that it is time that we talked a little about them and how they really were these sort of jewels in the community.”

Their goal with the exhibit is to reach all age groups and all communities.

“Their can be things that will appeal to a multi-generational family,” Day-Scott. “The grandparent will get something out of it, the parent will get something out of it and the children will relate to other parts of the display.”

Both the Museum of North Texas History and the Wichita Falls arts alliance say that this exhibit would not be possible without the great partnership they have in working to bring this project to the big screen.

“Working with the Museum of North Texas History is a dream,” Day-Scott said. “Madeleine is great, Lean is great. They are helpers but they also give me some space to be creative and slug my way through it.”

“This project is really due to all the hard work of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture,” Calcote-Garcia said. “This is a project that they help us put together every year and we certainly can’t do without them.”

The exhibit will open during the After Hours Artwalk on Sept. 1 and will run until Oct. 8. It is free to the public but they do accept donations, so they hope the community will come out and see some cinematic history of their region.

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