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Alexandrina Council, Media Release, October 5, 2022

The Alexandrina Council owned Paddle Steamer, PS Oscar W, is a major drawcard for locals and tourists to our region and will soon feature in its very own short film series following the amazing slipping and maintenance journey of our Friends of the Oscar W volunteer group.

The PS Oscar W has just undergone its biennial slipping and maintenance to inspect and restore the historic paddle steamer and is a fantastic example of regenerative heritage in action. The paddle steamer’s history, the way it is cared for by a dedicated group of volunteers, and the restorative work being done, all embody regeneration. The PS Oscar W exemplifies communities working together. It preserves our unique history, and shares this history with visitors to our region, bringing economic benefit too. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to our volunteers who invest hundreds of hours to retain this iconic gem.

Since 29 August 2022, the PS Oscar W has been on a slip located in Coorong Quays as contractors and the Friends of the PS Oscar W volunteers undergo work on the vessel. This enthusiastic group is the lifeblood of the iconic paddle steamer and truly represents the spirit of community. The work that paddle steamers remain in an operational capacity along the Murray River.

Since being on the slip, a film crew has been eagerly capturing the work being done on her to feature in a series of short films. The volunteers and community know so much about the paddle steamer’s rich history which is why it is important to capture and preserve our heritage in ways that can be appreciated for future generations to come.

“It is fantastic that we can capture the slipping of the PS Oscar W. This is a major event that showcases an important icon of the Murray River and our region,” CEO Nigel Morris said. “We wouldn’t be able to achieve this without our amazing volunteers who work above and beyond to complete such a project. This is no easy job to do so we thank them for their time and remarkable effort”.

The PS Oscar W will continue to be a major attraction in the upcoming SA Wooden Boat Festival on April 28-30, 2023. To an event that attracts visitors from across the country and is an award winning event held biennially in the River Port of Goolwa. The festival promises boats aplenty, on water and land, ranging from canoes and rowing skiffs to traditional wooden boats large and small, powered, under sail and by steam.

The PS Oscar W is now back in the water and has returned to the Goolwa Wharf Precinct. Celebrations for PS Oscar W’s 114th birthday will be held on Sunday, 16 October at 12.15pm as the final piece of the filming series. The occasion will be marked at Goolwa Wharf Precinct with a birthday cake and cruises during the day. All are welcome to attend to celebrate this huge milestone. Visit


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