Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

Fans were treated to the premiere of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on July 28th, 2022, when the slasher horror series arrived on HBO Max. Bailee Madison leads the ensemble cast, with the stars seen in plenty of other movies and shows during their acting careers.

These range from Madison’s turn in another slasher like The Strangers II to Eric Johnson’s role as the famous Flash Gordon. It’s a treat looking at these actors’ list of credits to learn about their range since their body of work includes everything from action, animation, horror, musicals, and many other genres.


Chandler Kinney: Lethal Weapon (2016-19)

Chandler Kinney having dinner at Lethal Weapon

the Lethal Weapon TV series has the basic premise of the movie franchise it’s based on. It follows detectives Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs across their various exploits, with Chandler Kinney playing Riana Murtaugh, Roger’s teenage daughter.

The feisty Riana challenges her father various times over the series, with Roger gaining a new perspective thanks to his conversations with his children. Lethal Weapon was the first series that saw Kinney appear as a regular from start to finish.

Zaria: Two Distant Strangers (2020)

Zaria lying in bed in Two Distant Strangers

The winner of the Oscar Award for Best Short Film, Two Distant Strangers is about a young Black man who’s stuck in a time loop that always ends with a white cop taking his life. Zaria plays Perri, the main character’s love interest, with whom he wakes each day.

Her role is to contextualize how the protagonist’s plight appears from a third person, as she has no recollection of all his other deaths. Two Distant Strangers was lauded for the nuance behind the short film’s subject matter, with the cast also praised for their efforts.

Malia Pyles: Baskets (2016-19)

Malia Pyles talking to Zach Galifianaikis in Baskets

Zach Galifianakis plays the lead roles of twin brothers, Chip and Dale, in basketball, with the former a failed clown and the latter a more responsible sibling with a family. Malia Pyles appears as Sarah Baskets, Dale’s daughter.

Pyles had a recurring role in basketballbut her appearances as Sarah were memorable since Dale’s family usually caused quite a few problems for him. basketball was largely praised for the performances of the cast and the way they executed the show’s deadpan and dry humor.

Maia Refico: Kally’s Mashup (2017-19)

Kally looking at a boy in Kally's Mashup

Maia Refico was the star of Kally’s Mashup, a musical telenovela that was one of the major successes for Nickelodeon Latin America. Refico played the titular teenager, a musical prodigy who wants to become a pop star and trains at a music college to make her dreams come true.

Refico sang dozens of songs during her time in Kally’s Mashup, showcasing her range in both acting and singing. Fans of the series saw her evolve Kally’s character from a naive teen to a pop sensation.

Mallory Bechtel: Hereditary (2018)

Mallory Bechtel in school in Hereditary

There are quite a few scary horror scenes in hereditary, which took the world by storm upon release. Mallory Bechtel’s part in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will no doubt bring back interest in hereditary as well, where she had a supporting role as Bridget.

hereditary is about a family haunted by a mysterious presence, with the son, Peter, looking to impress Bridget. The movie isn’t for the faint of heart, but Bechtel fans will appreciate her performance in a horror movie that challenges genre norms.

Sharon Leal: Dream Girls (2006)

Sharon Leal looking at Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls

While it might not be considered among the greatest musicals of all time, dream girls is still a well-known entry in the genre. It tells the story of the rise of the singing group called The Dreams, where internal drama causes the replacement of member Effie with Michelle, played by Sharon Leal.

Michelle is an unwitting part of the controversy, remaining one of the most likable characters in the movie. dream girls is a strong portrayal of how much backstage issues plague musical acts, and the songs from the film are still worth checking out for how catchy they are.

Elena Goode: As The World Turns (1956-2010)

Split image of Elena Goode in As the World Turns and Pretty Little Liars Original Sin

As the World Turns is among the longest-running TV shows of all time, with the soap opera remaining on-air for 54 years until it came to a close in 2010. Elena Goode appeared for two years as Jade Taylor near the end of the soap’s run before Davida Williams took the part.

As the World Turns had a cast of hundreds, with Goode serving as one of the younger characters. Jade stirs up quite a bit of drama as part of the storyline surrounding the Hughes family.

Eric Johnson: Flash Gordon (2007–08)

Flash Gordon talks to a girl

Based on the popular comics, Flash Gordon is about a young man who searches for his father in a different dimension. Flash has to fight off the evil leader of Planet Mongo while forming new alliances to lead a revolution. Eric Johnson appeared as the title character in this reboot.

Flash Gordon wasn’t particularly well-received upon its release, as reviewers felt the episodic approach didn’t suit the story. However, Johnson was highlighted as giving it his best to make the material shine, and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin fans will appreciate the actor’s performance.

Alex Aiono: Finding Ohana (2021)

Alex Aiono looking distressed in Finding Ohana

Alex Aiono starred in Finding ‘Ohana, a family adventure about a pair of siblings who move from New York to Oahu. While learning about their Hawaiian heritage, Pili and Ioane become embroiled in a quest to search for lost pirate treasure with several people on their trail.

Finding ʻOhana is a heartwarming feature about the power of friendship and family, with Alex Aiono doing strong work as Ioane, a youngster who has to come to terms with his heritage and appreciate his ancestry. It’s a film for all ages and makes for a great breezy watch.

Leah Salonga: Aladdin (1992)

Split image of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and Lea Salonga

Although Linda Larkin is the primary voice actor for Jasmine in aladdin, Lea Salonga is the singing voice. Salonga is responsible for making a hit out of “A Whole New World,” which is considered to be one of the best Disney songs ever made and even won the Oscar for Best Song.

Salonga has become a Disney legend thanks to her iconic performance as Jasmine’s singing voice, with “A Whole New World” remaining massively popular. aladdin is also an evergreen achievement in animation, as the character’s adventure with the magic lamp is a tale for the ages.

Bailee Madison: The Strangers II (2018)

Bailee Madison looking distressed in The Strangers II

Bailee Madison is the lead in both Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and The Strangers II. In the horror movie, appears as Kinsey, whose family is attacked by mysterious strangers in masks with the intention of killing them for their twisted pleasure.

The Strangers II was considered formulaic but entertaining, while Madison and the cast’s performances were held in higher esteem. Kinsey goes from withdrawn and uninterested to expressive and fighting for her life over the course of her harrowing experience.

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